Mom Enough

Mothers Day 2012

“Are you mom enough?”

Just what moms needed, a question putting doubt into our minds about our mothering and whether we’re doing the best for our children.

My response?

I am mom enough. 

I’m a mama of two. I’m the only one who is their mama.

I love my two little boys with all of my heart. That’s what makes me mom enough!

Feeding, sleeping arrangements, diapering and wearing babies is not a measure of how much a mother loves her children. 

There’s no right way to do mothering. You cannot follow a list of rules that make you a good mama, you have to just follow your heart.


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  1. So true, Rachel. And with each stage, mothering changes, but loving these precious children is what mama's do best.

  2. Thank you for this. You put it so well, and it's so nice to have someone put it out there simply and clearly. With all the judgement that seems associated with parenting and parenting methods, it seems often lost that what makes you a good parent is loving your child. Hard to go wrong when you get that one right.

  3. I totally agree! My boys used to tell other people that watched them, "that's not how Mom does it!" It cracked me up because they thought my way was the only way to do certain things. In our babies eyes we are enough and those views should always be the most important.

  4. Oh my goodness, totally needed to hear this today. Whew, adjusting to being a mom of two is so exhausting. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. It will get a little easier. The first two months were so, so, so hard for all of us! Going through a big life change for the entire family plus a needy newborn and sleepless nights is difficult.

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