Minimal Maternity Wardrobe

Minimal Maternity WardrobeI prefer to have a minimal wardrobe. It costs less, makes getting dressed easier and I love only wearing clothes that I feel great in.

When it comes to building a maternity wardrobe, it really makes sense to have a minimal wardrobe since you wear most of the items only 6 months or so.

At the end of my second pregnancy, I purged my maternity wardrobe, getting rid of things that were ill fitting, non-flattering and pieces I never wore. (I look back at some pictures from my previous two pregnancies and cringe at some of the ill fitting clothes I wore. I had a much larger wardrobe for those two pregnancies but it would have been better to have a smaller wardrobe with flattering clothes!)

At the beginning of this pregnancy, I once again went through the box of maternity clothes and donated a few things that I didn’t love, didn’t think I’d wear and weren’t my style (tastes change over the course of 2 years!)

I was able to wear most of my regular tops until I was 25 weeks – with maternity jeans (I embraced those around 10 weeks!). Once those shirts were getting too small, I evaluated my maternity clothing and saw there were a few gaps – mainly I needed shirts.

I purchased one pair of maternity jeans for $6, a purple tee for $5 and a maroon tee for $5. (All of these were purchased at a local resale store!) And, I was given a black tee. These 4 pieces, mainly the comfy shirts, really helped expand my maternity wardrobe.

Here’s my maternity wardrobe:

Maternity Shirts


1. Grey Sweater (long sleeve)

2. Purple Tee (long sleeve)

3. Black Shirt (long sleeve)

4. Pink Shirt (3/4 sleeve)

5. Maroon Tee (long sleeve)

6. Black Tee (long sleeve)

These 6 tops are worn just about every time I leave the house. I also will wear the tees on days I stay home.

Since all of these tops are solids, the look of them can easily be changed with a scarf or a chunky necklace which makes me feel like I have more options than just 6 shirts!

Maternity Dresses


1. Red Polka Dot Dress

2. Blue Paisley Dress

3. Purple Dress

4. Pink/Black/White Dress

5. Black Sleeveless Dress *

6. Black/Grey Sweater Dress

*A few days after this photo was taken, I tried the black sleeveless dress on and it was way too small! So, it was decommissioned at 32 weeks!

**Only two of these dresses (the two in the middle) are actual maternity dresses, the rest are regular dresses that have enough room for a growing belly.

I typically wear dresses to church on Sundays with leggings and a black cardigan. I also will occasionally wear a dress with leggings at home because honestly, it’s just about as comfortable as being in pajamas except I look like I put forth effort in my appearance!
Maternity Pants


3 Pair Jeans

1 Pair Black Dress pants

Comfortable jeans are a must! All 3 of these are very comfortable. In my past 2 pregnancies, I had a few pair of jeans that I hated to wear because they were so uncomfortable – I passed those on and am much happier with these – especially my new pair (in the middle – that belly panel is so comfy!)

I don’t wear the black dress pants too often because I prefer to wear a dress and leggings to church and on the rare occasion I need to dress up. I’ve worn them with my grey sweater a few times with this pregnancy. I also think they’d look cute with my maroon or purple tees and scarves.
Maternity Pieces


1. Black Yoga Pants

2. Grey Yoga Pants

3. Black/Grey Flannel Shirts

4. Black T-shirt

5. Black Tights

6. Grey Tights

7. Black Cardigan

**The only maternity items in this photo are the black and grey yoga pants, the rest are staples in my non-maternity wardrobe that work during pregnancy too!

These are essential pieces in my wardrobe. Most days I’m home, you’ll find me in the yoga pants – being comfortable while pregnant is a priority of mine! I wear the black t-shirt and flannel shirt quite often on days spent at home. (I also have a couple short sleeve t-shirts that I’ll wear if I’m not caught up on laundry!)

With 7 weeks to go, I’m hoping that I won’t outgrow too many more clothes. If I do outgrow pieces, I suppose my wardrobe will become even more minimal and I’ll fully embrace wearing my husband’s shirts at home. Honestly, I don’t want to buy anymore maternity clothes – I’d much rather spend my money on a few flattering pieces for my postpartum body.

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  1. Rachel, LOVED this post! Thanks for sharing it. Even though we're all done having kids, I loved the sneak peek into your maternity wardrobe…and it was neat to see how many non-maternity clothing items you are able to make work…I bet most people don't even think of it. Thanks for sharing all the info and pictures!!! Would also love to see another clothing post with pictures of the clothing items you are going to make work for the newborn stage of your 3rd! 😛

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post! I try to make my normal wardrobe last as long as I can. I'm about to grow out of the flannel shirt – which is non-maternity and so comfortable – and I'm bummed about that! I'll try to write about the newborn clothes I have for this baby. I don't have much!

  2. Love your post! Being plus-sized I was worried about the whole maternity clothing area of my pregnancy, since I knew I would probably have to order things online. However, I 'lucked-out' and lost 20 lbs at the beginning of my pregnancy from being sick, so I could wear my regular clothes much longer. Plus I have also had great luck buying second hand and doing alterations to make clothing work. My husband helped me turn a pair of regular jeans into maternity jeans, and they are SUPER comfy! I'm working on some shirts now. I was hoping you might do a post about the amount of baby clothes you have in each size. This is our first child, and we are waiting until it's born to find out the gender. We have all gender neutral items (all gifts or bought second hand), except for their coming home outfit, which I bought one boy and one girl of (also second hand). I know we probably have plenty of newborn items, as that's mostly what I got at my first shower, but I'm trying to buy things is larger sizes at least up through the first year. Don't know how much year saleing I'll be able to do this year, as the baby is due in April. Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Sorry for the long post!

    1. We keep our children's wardrobes pretty simple too. Since we wash pretty frequently, we don't really need many clothes. Of course, the frequency that you do laundry plays a factor in how much you need. One thing about buying baby clothes in larger sizes is that you never really can guess what size baby will be. With Paxton, I was given tons of clothes but he was wearing 6-9 months and even some 12 month things by 3-4 months old. A lot of the clothes we had that I thought would fit him in the fall/winter were never even worn. And, then some babies are smaller. It's really a guessing game so I don't try to guess sizes too much. Even now with the boys, I typically start looking for clothes for the next season only a month or two out. (Now, I'm starting to purchase things for Paxton's spring/summer wardrobe. And, I'll just shop the hand-me-down box for Weston and fill in whatever gaps there may be.)

      I will say that after having 2 babies, I prefer long sleeve bodysuits/cotton pants and one piece pant rompers for cool weather and bodysuits and one piece short rompers for warm weather. Simple, comfortable, cotton clothes are so much easier than trying to dress a baby like a big kid!

      Here are two posts about toddler wardrobes which are pretty similar to the wardrobes my boys have had as babies:
      Paxton's Spring/Summer at age 2:
      Weston's Fall/Winter at age 2:

  3. When I was pregnant with my second one of them complimented me on a top and I said, "Glad you like it, I only have 5 so you'll be seeing it weekly!" They thought that was pretty funny! Do you know what you're having?

  4. I think you have a large maternity wardrobe! I dont even have half of that but the stuff is so expensive and we are not blessed with nice resale shops. What happens if you have a summer baby next time?! hehe. I had all winter business/dressy wardrobe with my first since I was working in an office but my second I was a stay at home mom and due in the summer! It totally threw things off, hopefully the next one will be in the summer because I dont want to by any winter stuff 🙁

    1. Maternity clothes are expensive and I am definitely blessed with a nice resale shop! I sure hope, if we have another that it won't be due in the summer! (So far, I've had winter and spring babies!) But, if I do, I'll probably just wear dresses all the time!

  5. So wonderful! Do you find your replace clothes more often? I think like 3/4 of the shirts from last Spring have holes at the belly/waist (I have no idea why this happens – counter tops wearing my clothes away? maybe?). I dont mind that for at home but it looks so frumpy for leaving the house. I try to reserve some tops for outings but i end up needing them at home. Do I have too few clothes?!

    1. I definitely think having less means that I actually wear out the clothes I do have. But, I still think it's better only buying a few things for each season versus having a closet full of clothes that are never worn and in good shape. I do typically 'save' my nicer things to just wear when I leave home and wear the more comfortable, worn things at home.

  6. I have a silly/stupid question for you. I LOVE flannel shirts and have a few, but I tend to not wear them because I feel like I am ALWAYS washing dishes (or my hands) and I can't easily roll up the sleeves. Does this not bother you, or what do you do?

    1. Not silly! I just fold the sleeves up when it's time to wash dishes. It takes a bit more effort than pushing up the t-shirt sleeves (and is a bit annoying) but I sure love my flannel shirt!

  7. Hi!
    I came across your blog today and I love this post! Just like you I wore non-maternity dresses that left room for my expanding belly. When I was pregnant I was surprised with how quickly my wardrobe grew in maternity items, but since then I have went through it multiple times and threw out whichever I didn't wear.

    I also just read your post on your son's minimalist wardrobe – as my little one isn't 2 yet I am always at a loss as to how much she may need. Your post gave me the confidence in knowing that we are making the right choice by keeping her wardrobe minimal as well. Thank you so much for your encouraging post(s).
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Thank you!

  8. I stumbled upon your blog a couple months ago when looking for "DIY cloth wipes" for our first Little One. My mom and I have made 60 from a large flannel sheet and have 60 more cut out from another sheet. Thanks for the easy and do-able inspiration!

    This was so great to read! After reading all of your other minimalist wardrobe posts, I wondered if you'd do one about maternity clothes.

    I've struggled finding cute maternity clothes at consignment/thrift stores in our town, which in hindsight has thankfully saved us money. I refuse to pay outrageous amounts of money for new maternity clothes. I wear leggings most of the time, even going out, though I have a couple pairs of maternity jeans ($6 each!). As for tops, I found a couple shirts plus was given a couple from a friend. Since we live in MI, layers are a must. I bought a couple wool sweaters in a larger size to accommodate my growing belly. Throw in a few of my hubby's shirts and a pair of work pants (we're veggie farmers), and call it done. It's nice to see someone else with a simple yet stylish pregnancy wardrobe!

    I too have about 7 weeks to go! Hope all goes well in your home stretch!

    1. Our babies are due around the same time! I've got about 6.5 weeks to go. My due date is March 31! And, I love that y'all are veggie farmers. I would love to live on a farm one of these days. But, I'm content gardening and having chickens!

  9. Revisiting this post as I am now pregnant with my third and having to build a small inexpensive maternity wardrobe from the ground up ( previous pregnancies were all borrowed clothing!!). It seems so simple but you mentioning the fact that all your tops are solid has really helped me visualize how I can purchase a few things and have many outfits that I can dress up with scarves. Just wanted to say thanks! Oh and I really do love that pink top… soooo cute.

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