As we’ve simplified and purged in an effort to live more minimally, we’ve found that the less stuff we have the happier we are. It goes against everything our culture says but amazingly, I’m more content with 2 pair of jeans and 2 pair of winter shoes than with a closet bursting with clothing and shoes.

Living in a small house with a growing family is one of the reasons we live minimally but the less we have, the less there is to maintain and the more peaceful our home seems.

One of the areas that can quickly get out of hand is children’s clothes.

Here’s a look at Paxton’s minimal spring and summer clothes:

I don’t make it a habit to buy ahead but we are given clothes as gifts and hand-me-downs. When we receive these items, I tuck them into the appropriately labeled storage box. I’ve found that often when he grows into that size, we’ve accumulated enough clothing that we don’t need anything else!

I went through the box and ‘shopped it’ for his wardrobe! There were too many shirts and a few didn’t fit right or didn’t coordinate with any of his shorts, so I put some aside to donate/give to friends. The 2T jeans were too big so they went back into the box for this fall/winter.

I also went through his drawers and pulled out all of his short sleeve tees (we’ve been layering his short sleeve tees with long sleeves all winter!)

All of his short sleeve t-shirts.

Most of Paxton’s spring/summer wardrobe!

A breakdown of his wardrobe:

6 t-shirts

2 button up shirts (not shown)

6 shorts

3 rompers

3 sets of ‘get dirty’ play clothes. 

This wardrobe is quite minimal but I’m positive it’s all we need to last all summer. With Paxton’s birthday coming up, he’ll probably receive some clothing as gifts and I might purchase an outfit or two for the boys that match! We will still keep his wardrobe fairly minimal though by setting limits (like 10 t-shirts, 7 shorts, etc.)

You may also notice we don’t really have any ‘church clothes.’ We go to a very casual church so all of the clothes he has are perfectly acceptable Sunday wear! If we do visit a more traditional church or attend any weddings this summer, he’ll either wear his plaid romper or one of his button ups with nice shorts. 

Benefits of a minimal child’s wardrobe:

  • Less clothing to organize and find storage for.
  • Costs less. Not having a large wardrobe means you spend less on clothing!
  • Easier to get dressed! It’s easier for the child to pick out their own clothes since they aren’t bombarded with a drawer/closet stuffed with clothes.

Do you set wardrobe limits (either for you or your children)? 




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