May at Our Home

Mothers Day

The month of May always seems to be filled with activity for our family since we celebrate Mothers Day, our wedding anniversary and John David’s birthday. Add to that the births of friends babies, weddings and meetings for our Ethiopia trip and we had a very full month.

We celebrated Mother’s Day with a few pictures of me and the boys (the only thing I wanted, we got 2 or 3 decent shots!) and a  picnic supper at a local park.


Our strawberries started producing this month. The boys have been enjoying their strawberry snacks in the yard so very few actually make it into our house! Our garden is growing too, our peas have started producing, our herbs look great and everything else is growing! I’m looking forward to more harvesting.

Sleeping Brothers

We had a very full Memorial Day weekend. We visited with John David’s family on Saturday, then went to Virginia to my cousins wedding on Sunday, the entire side of my dad’s family was there so it was a family reunion and the first time any of that side had met Weston! We spent the night at my grandparents house Sunday night (this adorable picture is from the boys sleeping together there) and spent most of the day Monday with family before heading back to John David’s parents house where we spent the night. On Tuesday we went to the children’s museum there, ate lunch with the family and headed back home with a quick stop to visit John David’s grandparents on our way home! We made it home around 8:30 Tuesday night. It was definitely a full weekend but it was also relaxing to just be away from the normal routine!

7th Anniversary

May 27th was our 7th Anniversary. We were at John David’s parents house so they watched the boys while we went on a late night date, sharing an appetizer and having milkshakes! We didn’t do anything big for our anniversary since we’re going to Ethiopia in less than 2 weeks and didn’t have enough cash for a 7th anniversary getaway. (Of course, we’re going out of the country together, are roommates and will be without children for 10 days so that’s essentially our anniversary getaway!)

NappingMay 31st was John David’s birthday. We celebrated with a big homemade breakfast, swimming in the pool for our first time this year (which led to long naps for both boys) and a cookout with some friends.

Now we’re looking ahead to what June holds – anticipating our trip to Ethiopia, looking forward to relaxing by the pool and watching our garden grow!

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