March at Our Home

March was a full month for our family.

We started the month out of town celebrating John David’s mamaw’s 80th birthday. We ended up traveling back to East Tennessee two more times during the month.

Cute Baby

Weston was 15 months old on the 16th. 15 months, to me, is when toddlerhood really begins. All the physical signs of babyhood begin to disappear and toddler personality really starts to come out! I am enjoying him at this sweet stage.


Our 5 hens started laying mid-March and we ended up with a total count of 48 eggs for the month! They’re averaging about 3 a day which is good but considering our boys can wipe out 5 eggs just for breakfast, we’re looking forward to our little hens starting to lay in July!


Since Weston is leaving babyhood behind, he and Paxton are really starting to play together! Of course, there are lots of sibling frustrations and fighting over toys but they also play peacefully together, some days for good chunks of time. I just love watching my boys interact and enjoy each other.

Hard Working Preschooler

Our Paxton is a wonderful little helper. We spent some time picking up sticks in our front yard, getting it ready for spring! He did a good job helping me and we ended up with 3 wagon loads of sticks.

Flowers for MamaAnd my Paxton loves picking his mama flowers. We have purple weeds in his yard and he loves picking them for me. Sure they’re weeds but they’re beautiful to me since they were picked with love from my boy. We asked him one evening why he picked me flowers, his response, “mama is sweet.”

We’re all hoping April brings much warmer weather. It has been unusually cool in the south so far this spring. I usually pull out spring clothes at the very beginning of March and still haven’t done that this year, preferring flannel and sweaters to keep us warm!

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