March at Our Home

March 2014 was all about baby! From the last weeks of pregnancy, to baby’s birth and the first few days with a newborn.

37 Weeks

On March 3, I was 37 weeks pregnant! The next day, was my 27th birthday. We celebrated simply – we had planned to go out to dinner but both boys had runny noses and didn’t feel well so we decided to cancel our babysitter plans and celebrate at home. John David brought home ice cream and we enjoyed that after the boys were in bed.

Belly Coloring

One lazy Sunday afternoon, we took some belly pictures and then let the boys color my belly. They both had fun creating a masterpiece.

Belly Comparison

We took a 38 week picture of my belly wearing the same dress I wore in my 38 week pictures with both boys. Based on the shape of my belly alone, I was pretty convinced that baby #3 was a boy.


On March 20 (the first day of spring), we welcomed our baby GIRL, Cecilia into our family! We were so surprised to find out baby was a girl!

Big Brothers

Our boys are completely enamored with their baby sister! They both kiss her every chance they get. It has been fun watching them in their new roles of big brothers to a baby sister.


We’re slowly settling into life as a family of 5 – Cecilia is a very laid back baby and has made the adjustment pretty easy so far.

We’ve also been blessed with family and friends taking care of us. Both sets of our parents have visited and helped out with laundry, meal preparation, kitchen clean up and have taken care of the boys, allowing us to rest. Friends from church have blessed us with several meals which we’re so thankful for.

Baby K'Tan

I’m soaking up these fleeting moments with a teeny newborn. After having 2 babies already, I know how fast these days pass and I’m trying to just savor it all. There really is nothing quite as sweet as a newborn baby.

Baby Girl Clothes

My sister visited for a few days and brought a huge box of clothes from her girls! It was fun sorting through all the adorable baby girl clothes. We now have a storage tote full of clothes for Cecilia to grow into over the next 2 years. Between hand-me-downs and clothing gifts from family and friends, she needs very little!

Mama and Daughter

I was pretty certain we were going to have another boy and I was completely content being a mama to only boys. When I was younger I dreamed of having a daughter but once I had the boys, it was hard to picture our family with a little girl. However, once she was born, I realized that dream of having a daughter still was there – I am excited about our mother-daughter relationship.

And, those brothers of hers love her and their mama! We’ve both been receiving flowers from them now that flowers (and weeds) are blooming!

Sweet Big Brothers

This sweet picture was taken on March 31, Cecilia’s due date!

I hope to get back to posting weekly here soon and am excited to share Cecilia’s birth story!

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  1. She is so precious! 🙂 I was hoping that you'd have a girl. I have two girls and am now expecting my third baby. I am anxious to find out what we are having; I think we are all hoping for a boy, but will be more than happy with another girl too.

  2. She's precious. I love seeing her brothers caring for her. When my daughter was born we didn't know either what the gender would be. I didn't realize until they said, it's a girl how much I had wanted a little girl. Something so special.

  3. Congratulations! She is beautiful and so are those little boys! I love following your blog and I thank you for taking a break to be with your family as that is mosy important but I can’t wait for the weekly updates to begin again! God bless ♥

  4. Thank you for sharing your sweet family with us! You are all so very blessed! Your children are beautiful and so are you! Mary

  5. She's beautiful! Is that BG 4.0 that she's wearing? Do they fit her already? I didn't use them until my baby was two months, but I'd love to start sooner in the future.

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