Living with Less

Living with Less

Over the past few years, we’ve been simplifying our home of excess and have become more mindful of the things we allow into our home.

Living with less has proven to have wonderful benefits. We’re spending less time shopping, spending less money and our home is clutter free.

One of the biggest benefits to living with less has been an easy to manage home.

Having small children and keeping a perfectly clean house is impossible (and is not my goal). However, not having an overabundance of stuff has made keeping our home tidy easier.

During the day, the floors never look clean and there are toys and books in random places which may appear to some to be a mess. But, we focus on the fact that the ‘mess’ is manageable.

Each night, we spend about 10-15 minutes as a family tidying up our home.

Our boys are learning to pick up their toys and books and put them away. They don’t always cooperate and some nights are much easier than others but they are learning. Our toy rotation makes this routine easier. Every toy that they own is not always accessible to them. We keep about half of their toys on a shelf in their playroom with the other half stored in the playroom closet along with puzzles and games.

My husband and I spend this same time encouraging the boys as they pick up, tidying our living areas and sweeping the floors.

At the end of our clean up time, our home is tidy and becomes a relaxing place to read bedtime stories to our boys and for my husband and I to relax in once the boys are sleeping.

Living with less makes our home management easier and are evenings much more relaxing.

What are benefits you have found to living with less? 

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  1. I could not agree with you more. I still have to go through all our old toys and find ones to donate that the kids no longer play with. All the new ones from this Christmas (gifts from family members, mostly) have taken over our living room! Another project for the weekend.

    My issue is that I don't want to get rid of books. The kids have so many… I can't seem to turn down a free book when someone wants to give it to me. I need to put a book shelf if each child's room.

  2. Creativity! That's the best benefit. I get more creative and so do the kids. My son has some imagination. he loves action figures, or any figures for that matter. If my son doesn't have a figure that he wants he has an understudy lol. The other day the babies plush octopus turned into ursula from the little mermaid!

  3. Since September, when I went on maternity leave, I have filled every diaper/wipe box that has come into our home with items to leave. Some boxes are simply donated while others are being stored at my parent's house for a multi-family garage sale in the spring! Starting in November I joined a Facebook garage sale group and between that and Craigslist we have made just over $300 since November 20th by simply selling things that would otherwise be donated!

    Amelia has seen me "passing things on" as I call it and over the past month or so she has taken an interest in doing it as well. Get this, my 4-year-old came to me last week and said, "Mom, I have some toys I don't use anymore. Can we pass them on to someone else?" When someone came to purchase one of her items (via FB garage sale) she answered the door with me, the woman asked if the item was hers and she said, "yes but I don't play with it anymore so now it's for you!" Proud parent moment! I have a little preschooler who understands de-cluttering 🙂

    I have noticed that as I reduce the amount of things in our home that end of the day mess has become, as you put it, a manageable mess. I love it! I would still like to de-clutter more but I am so thrilled with where we are right now 🙂 Smaller messes mean more time with the kids and that is a fantastic benefit to living with less!

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