Living Simply

We desire to live a simple life.

Sometimes I question how blogging about living simply fits into the simple equation.

Obviously, it takes time in front of a computer to blog, which seems quite the opposite of simple. But, I love sharing snapshots of our simple life and connecting with like minded readers so I keep on writing.

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I last wrote due to sickness (I really had no desire to write while miserably congested), two boys who keep me busy (I still cannot get them into a regular nap routine) and because I’ve been spending every spare alone moment the past week reading (I love, love, love to read!)

Even though this space has been quiet, my life has been far from quiet. We’ve been enjoying our days in spite of congestion and rain!

Bubble BlowerWe took advantage of a cold day when the sun was shining to go outside and play! We ran around the yard, blew bubbles and played on our swingset.

Swinging Baby

BooksWe spent some of our Christmas money on new picture books – Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm, HarperCollins Treasury of Picture Book Classics: A Child’s First Collection, Mike Mulligan and More. I love classic children’s books and the boys love listening to the stories. We’ve read these stories multiple times already as well as the stack of library books we have. I enjoy time spent reading to my boys.

Pirate ReaderDreary days when you’re stuck inside are best spent dressed as a pirate. In our home, even pirates love reading!

LaundryWe may live simply but not everything is always neat and simple in our home. I love sorting, washing and folding laundry but putting it away is my nemesis. The tops of dressers frequently look like this. I know, all I have to do is take an extra 2 minutes to just put it away!

I’m sure this week will look much the same, lots of reading for all, playing outside on days when the sun is shining and lots of laundry for mama to do! And, I hope to spend a bit more of my alone time in the evenings writing instead of reading so this space isn’t quite so neglected.

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  1. I know what you mean about writing not seeming to fit in with simplicity. It definitely doesn't simplify my life, but for me simple living means focusing on what is important in life and sharing is important. As with all things in life it's about balance.

    Dan @

    1. I really like 'focusing on what is important in life and sharing is important.' Sharing about our lifestyle can be inspiring to others! Thanks for this reminder Dan.

  2. I think your blogging absolutely can fit in with your simplicity goals. For most of us, simplicity comes down to finding happiness and connecting with others who share our values (rather then "connecting" with things and endless obligations) There is definitely a trend of us kids of the 80s and 90s, who are now adults starting our own families, to reject the way our parents' generation did things, with both parents working, being overstressed, overbooked, and overfed! There's a desire now for us younger women to return home to be more present for our children, to slow down the pace of life, to eat healthier and in a more traditional way, to bring back family dinners, etc. Your blogging is a great way to unite all of us searching for the simple life. Not every post has to be profound. Sometimes it's just fun peeking inside of each other's closets or admiring each other's cute children. I'm glad you're a blogger. I enjoy checking in with you often. 🙂

    1. Thank you for this comment Jackie! I especially appreciate 'not every post has to be profound.' I must confess, sometimes I don't write because I don't think I have anything of substance to share but some of those more personal glimpses into our life are the posts many readers actually enjoy the most!

  3. Taking care of little ones is so hard when you are feeling icky! I hope you are feeling better!

    I am finding it hard to do much of anything right now because we are in the middle of a deep freeze. Seriously, the HIGH today is -3. It is currently -7 (-30 when windchill is factored in) and it makes me just want to bury myself on the couch in blankets 🙂 Since we are stuck here and definitely not going anywhere (I am off work this week) we are working on potty training! So far, so good! She is doing better than I could have dreamed!

    Your new books look great – happy reading!

    1. I can't imagine temps that low, this southern girl thinks it's too cold to function around 35 degrees! 🙂 Good luck with potty training, I've seen some instagram updates, looks like things are going pretty well so far! 🙂

  4. I don't ever comment because I follow blogs mostly just to soak in good ideals, gain inspiration, and realize I'm not alone. But I wanted to comment today. I subscribe to few different blogs, and a lull here and there is just fine with me. I like what Dan said too. Also, I like the photo of the top of your dressers! "Putting away laundry"= "nemesis". Agreed. My mom used to have a shelf or basket where she would put folded laundry and everyone was responsible for putting away their own folded tower. "Works" for my 4 year old–meaning she is not proactive about it, but with help she puts the clothes away. But me and the hubby are still in training.

  5. Oh yea, and I should add that once Paxton gets a bit older he might be able to help put the laundry away for you. My 5 year old daughter Sophia has been doing this for at least a year now. But you have to give up the idea of having things remain folded, which is fine with me! I have her first sort out the clean laundry into piles (mommy's undies, Sophia's pajamas, daddy's socks, dish towels, etc) and then she puts each pile away. No folding but honestly I don't care! Now that she is older, I give her a couple of coins which makes her feel very proud. Then when she has enough coins, we go to the dollar store and she can pick out anything she wants and pay for it herself: candy, a small toy, etc.

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