Leaving Home with Cloth Diapers

When we first started cloth diapering, we would take disposables with us when we were on the go and didn’t even want to think about leaving home with cloth diapers.

After a month of cloth diapering at home, I purchased a wet bag  to store the soiled diapers in while we were away from home.

The only extra things you need to cloth diaper on the go are a wet bag and a wipes container. We use a disposable wipes container to hold our cloth wipes and a medium wet bag .

When I’m getting ready to leave the house, I put several wipes into the wipes container and grab diapers and a wet bag.

I tuck the diapers, wipes and wet bag into our diaper bag and we’re ready to go. The diaper bag also contains my personal items (wallet, keys, cellphone) in the flower print bag, an extra bodysuit for Weston and a muslin blanket which I use as a nursing cover. I also have stashed a burp cloth and 2 bibs in the outside pockets!

Cloth diapers take up more room in a diaper bag than disposables but if you try to pack lightly, it shouldn’t make that much of a difference. I can easily fit up to 4 cloth diapers in my diaper bag. The boys also have small backpacks that I send to church which hold 2 diapers, a wet bag and wipes as well as extra clothes and a sippy or bottle.

Changing cloth diapers while away from home is easy thanks to the wet bag. I simply place the soiled diaper into the wet bag and put the wet bag back into the diaper bag.

I typically change the boys in the car so I don’t attempt to dump solids, I just place the entire diaper in the wet bag. If I change the diaper in a restroom, I will dump any solids.

When I get back home, I take the diapers out of the wet bag and put them in the diaper diaper pail.

Cloth diapering away from home really is easy!

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  1. Oh, is that a thirty-one bag? I have one and love the outside pockets and think I will use it as my diaper bag (easy access!) once baby #2 arrives.

    1. Yes, it is. It really makes a perfect diaper bag. I stash burp cloths, bibs, small toys and sippy cups in the outside pockets. The large pouch is for my keys, wallet, etc.

  2. I have that thirty one bag too! I've received several of their bags as gifts and have been thrilled with them. So handy and they give me the illusion of having it all together!

    1. I have 3 thirty one bags {all given to me for the boys…this tote, a small organizing tote and a bag}. I use all 3 of them {that small tote makes a wonderful extra diaper storage tote for day trips!} And my mother-in-law gave me the large pouch. And I understand the illusion of having it together with an organized bag! 🙂

  3. Haha– I guess your diaper bag is the thing that most of us are caught up by in this post. I was going to say that I JUST transferred my diaper bag to the same 31 product that the rest of you are using last week. After almost two years of using a horribly heavy and awkward "dad bag"– a messenger-style pack that my DH chose– I had had enough. 🙂 I "moved in" just days ago and was amazed at the difference. The bag easily fits enough diapers for two plus all the other clutter that babies necessitate! Brilliant minds and all that… : )

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