Keeping It Real Home Tour

Keeping it Real

Last week I gave you a tour of our home. The pictures I shared were from when we were trying to sell our home so they were beautiful – showing our home looking it’s best.

Well, this week, I’m giving you another tour of our home but this tour is keeping it real – nothing staged, just real life!

Messy Dining Room

I try my hardest to keep our table clutter free because we eat 3 meals a day there however it’s just seems to be a stuff magnet. Honestly, it’s mostly my stuff – we come home from running errands or church and I dump everything on the end of the table instead of putting it where it should go!
Finger Paint Mess

Ah, preschoolers and art. Before having kids, I dreamed of peaceful, non-messy, creative art time with my kids. Ha, ha! My boys love creating but boy are they messy. This time, I let them have a few different colors of paint and they were happily painting on their paper. Well, then the baby needed me and I left the room for 2 minutes and came back to paint everywhere – all over the table, chairs and the boys. At least they had fun, right? And, thankfully it was washable!
Dirty Dishes

This is an all too common scene around here. I guess because we eat 3 meals a day?! There’s really no getting around that. So, the kitchen is used and is pretty much never fully clean!

Here’s photographic evidence of our mountain of laundry. I was warned before Cecilia was born that a third child seems to make laundry really explode. Well, it’s true! So much laundry. (But, who really cares if there is a little more laundry to fold – our third baby is awfully sweet and so worth it!)
Pile of Laundry

More laundry. Messy Bedroom

Noticing a trend? Laundry. Everyday. On my bed.

Confession – some days, I don’t get around to fully folding it all so I just dump what hasn’t been folded yet back into the basket for the night and the next morning dump it back on the bed to fold sometime that day!Livingroom

Living rooms are for living and we do a lot of living in ours so it’s rarely clean. This day, the boys were creating with big cardboard boxes. Art stuff all over, pieces of cardboard everywhere and a really sweet baby girl in the midst of it all!
Messy Kid Space

My boys love puzzles. I love that they love puzzles. I however, do not love puzzle pieces. So many pieces. I may break out in a sweat when I realize they’ve mixed puzzle pieces all together!Broken Blinds

One thing I find myself saying over and over is ‘we cannot have nice things.’ The reason I say this – my boys are destructive. I’m often quite impressed at the things they decide to destroy. One day, one of them spent rest time in the baby’s room and decided to bend back a piece of the blinds. (It has since snapped off…)
Unmade Beds

Right after deciding to put our house on the market, we decided to rearrange the kids rooms. When Cecilia was born, we had the boys in a full size bed and her crib in their room. We decided to separate Cecilia from the boys and then got the boys twin beds. Their beds had sheets and quilts but nothing on the box springs for months (and now they don’t even have the box springs thanks to their bunk bed!)
Messy Kid BedroomAnd, since deciding to stay in our home instead of sell it, we’ve been making some changes to make this house work better for our family. One of those things was installing some shelving in the boys closet for more efficient organization. So, everything from the closet was piled up in the corner for over 3 weeks. And, while the closet is finished and some things have been put back into the closet, there’s still a nice pile in the corner.

I shared these pictures with you so you remember that people often just share the beautiful (like the staged home tour I shared last week) on blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I didn’t want you to think that was my reality because it’s so far from reality that it felt like a lie!

We all have messes (at least those of us with young children do!)

Stop aiming for an unattainable goal of a perfectly clean home. Embrace the reality that life is just a little messy and then you can begin to view your mess as beautiful.

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  1. I am constantly saying that "We cannot have nice things" not because we have children, but because I have a husband who tends to be hard on EVERYTHING we own. Dining room tables are used as work benches at times and thus has scratches, knicks, or even some paint on it. Brand new tile flooring has a chip out of it because a dumbell was dropped on it. Good thing most of what we have are hand-me-downs. I refuse to purchase "nice" things…until he learns how to be easier on our belongings (which may be NEVER!) I'm OK with that. After all, I am more of a "Buy used, wear it out, make it do or do without!" kind of girl. 🙂

    1. Love this! And, I often say 'wear it out, make it do or do without'. And, we're certainly wearing out our couch…the boys occasionally pull stuffing out and it's wearing bad but there's no way I can justify another better looking couch at this season of life.

  2. This was great to read, because you really do feel sometimes like you just can’t keep up with the way other people keep their homes. We just had our 3rd 5 weeks ago and I can totally relate to the laundry situation. I find myself saying look in the basket or the dryer, where they have been neglected to be folded all day or maybe since yesterday. So much to do in a day, but such a blessing! If I have to choose between that basket of laundry or snuggling that baby, its always the baby. The rest can wait.

    1. I often wonder how other people keep their homes so clean. But, I do know that I used to clean like crazy when people were coming over but I've realized that making my house 'perfect' wasn't giving them an accurate picture of our life. Now, I make sure the hall bath is clean (two little boys are pretty gross!) and tidy up a bit but I don't try to make things perfect. And, yes, ignore the laundry and snuggle the baby, my littlest is somehow almost 6 months and I'm trying to savor her babyhood as much as possible.

  3. With puzzles I found that numbering each puzzle on the outside of the box and then using a magic marker to put that number on the back of each piece made it easier to sort them out when they got mixed up.

  4. Love this post! There is ALWAYS laundry on our bed too, and the sink and counters are never free of dishes. That. Is. Life. 🙂 Thanks for sharing REAL.

  5. I absolutely loved this post! I am guilty of getting caught up in believing that the "perfect" people share is real – even though I know better! Life with kids is messy but that's ok! We went on a little trip this past weekend, just Jason and I, and it was a stark reminder of all that my kids bring to my life. Stress, laughter, love, messes, joy etc – I missed ALL of it. I can't imagine living in an immaculate space (like I did prior to kids), having peace and quiet or even going to the bathroom alone, ha! I definitely live in a BEAUTIFUL, wonderful mess!

    Thanks for sharing this real post!

  6. Excuse This House

    Some houses try to hide the fact
    That children shelter there,
    Ours boasts it quiet openly,
    The signs are Everywhere.

    For smears are on the windows,
    Little smudges on the doors,
    I should apologize I guess,
    For toys strewn on the floor.

    But I sat down with the children,
    And we played and laughed and read,
    And if the doorbell doesn’t shine,
    Their eyes will shine instead.

    For when at times I am forced to choose,
    The one job or the other,
    I’d like to cook, and clean, and scrub,
    But first I’ll be a MOTHER.

    I always love a lived in house, I feel more comfortable in them!! I think your home is warm and inviting, thank you for sharing the "real" home tour 🙂

    1. Love, love, love this poem Diana!!

      And, the 'little smudges on the doors' resonated with me. I *finally* cleaned our front, all glass storm door last weekend. It looked nice for 2 minutes and now is covered with little handprints and smudges again.

      Lived in homes definitely feel more comfortable than perfect, museum like homes!

  7. This article made me feel much better about our home. Since sweet baby Marshall has come hoe I feel like I can not keep a clean house. I will not lie it feels like I can’t do anything well as I did before he got here, but that’s another story. Since moving to Texas my mother lives with us and she is used to living with adults or living by herself, so there is a totally different standard of living when you have a 4 year old and a 2 month old in the house. I put more pressure on myself since my job is to manage the home while mom and Zack are out earning a living. So, keeping the house clean is up on that list. Most days I feel like it is absolute pointless to clean. If I clean the living room, or Easton’s room or the kitchen it will be dirty again in less than 6 hours, because like you said, you live in it. I still have yet to learn how to give myself grace when it comes to this messy house we ‘live’ in, but I’m working on it. Luckily my mom helps with laundry and the dishes (this is huge and I’m so thankful), but some days I feel like I’m not doing my job because we have chosen to have a play date at the park and we come home to a house with clean laundry to put away, toys everywhere, books and movies sprawled everywhere, and just a mess. Thank you for sharing your mess with us, so that I don’t feel so alone in my mess. I read one of your blogs about toys and using a box system. I thought that with that you had this magically clean and organized home, Whew imagine my relief to see that it doesn’t make your home mess free! We try and use a bucket system, but sometimes you have to choose what battles you want to fight. And staying on top of Easton 24/7 so he does not make a mess is not something I have energy for! You are doing awesome with your boys! I’m amazed at how you handle the mess and the general chaos! I would love it if you could share some of your daily schedule. I’m having a very hard time figuring out a schedule for us, and I think that would help tramendously! Thanks for the great read, I look forward to your next article.

    1. Jennifer – you're so not alone!! It's hard keeping up with little people (especially a teeny baby) and a home! And, my passion for organization and simplifying is to make things easier to manage but they're far from perfect and my house and housekeeping is far from 'perfect'.

      Right now we don't really follow a structured schedule, I'm just trying to enjoy the carefree little years! I do have a couple 'A Day in My Life' posts from the past few years. Here's a link to this years:…. At the bottom of the posts there are links to similar posts from 2012, 2013 and 2014. They're all pretty accurate glimpses into my normal weekdays!

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