I’m Thankful for My Washing Machine

Washing MachineTo My Washing Machine,

Thank you so much for being such a faithful worker in our home.

You serve me well each week as I wash our clothes, towels and bedding.

I am thankful for you every other day when I start a load of cloth diapers.

You make doing laundry a simple task.

And, after a bout with a stomach bug, I am even more thankful for you.

I can toss bedding and clothes that are covered with throw up in and hit the ‘rinse’ button and you take care of the icky mess.

Once you’ve rinsed, I simply add in detergent, hit another button and 48 minutes later, clean laundry emerges.

You’ve worked hard these past few days, working nearly non-stop.

Thank you for washing our laundry.

And, thank you so much for having a rinse cycle and making cleaning up throw up just a bit easier.



We’ve been dealing with a weird stomach bug over the past few days. Cecilia has thrown up multiple times- including all over both of us while I was wearing her in the Boba at a church picnic. Ick. Even though she’s throwing up, she seems just fine and is playing like normal. I’m looking forward to whatever this is being over and I really am so thankful for my washing machine!

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  1. Does your Boba wash well? I carried my 3 month old all over Disney World in his Boba all weekend and needless to say it is smelling a little sweaty! He LOVES it though and we had a great vacation with it!

    1. I hand wash it. I rinsed it off really well and then let it soak overnight in water in the tub. The next day, I put a little Charlie's Soap in warm water and washed, then rinsed. I squeezed out as much water as I could and let it dry outside. Looks great and smells great!

  2. My very old washing machine died recently and I had to wait a week for the new one to arrive. It really made me realise how hard my grandmother had it back when she had to wash everything by hand.

    1. I cannot imagine the time it would take to wash everything by hand. And, washing cloth diapers and things that have throw up on them by hand would be so gross! So, so thankful for this modern convenience.

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