Sharing our financial story reminds me of the humble beginnings of our first apartment. 

We lived in campus housing. Our apartment was 576 square feet in a 1970s building with cinderblock walls.

At the time we thought it was too small and couldn’t wait to move but we look back on our first tiny apartment and think of it as cozy and homey.

Our living room/dining area.

The living room floors were commercial tile so we brought in a piece of carpet to make it a bit more homey. (Our current living room is laid out just like our first living room…we just don’t have a table in the living room anymore!)

Our dining area.

The hall to the bathroom/bedroom is to the right and the kitchen is on the left.

The little kitchen.

There was almost no counter space in the kitchen and we had a teeny apartment sized oven.

The tiny bathroom.

The bathroom was nothing fancy (I actually thought it was a bit icky) and lacked storage but all in all it wasn’t too horrible (and the over the toilet rack provided much needed storage.)

Our cozy little bedroom.

Just enough room to walk around and quite cozy.

My office space.

I wrote college papers and began blogging here in this office space.

This little apartment wasn’t anything fancy but it was our home for almost two years. Living here helped us live below our means and save money while in college.

It’s also interesting to observe how much our style has changed. When we were newlyweds, we were very frugal and made do with what we were given so our home was a hodge podge of hand-me-downs, wedding gifts and things we had from childhood. We also didn’t live as minimally as we do now (one of our favorite past times was scouring Goodwill for good deals and unfortunately we bought things just because they were a good deal.)

What was your first home (either on your own or as a newlywed) like?



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