Homeschooling in a Small Space

Homeschooling in a Small Space

Five years ago, when we sold our first home and started looking for a new one, one of the home features on our wish list was a bonus space of some sort that we could use for a school room. Even though our son was a baby, we knew we would homeschool and thought having a separate room for school was a necessity.

We ended up compromising on several items on our wish list in favor of a home that was smaller than the first home we owned but below our housing budget. For us, giving up extra square footage was well worth it since we have a very affordable mortgage.

We’ve lived in this home for 4.5 years and have attempted to sell but have realized that choosing to live small allows our family more financial freedom. And, a few months ago we set a goal to pay off our mortgage by May 2020 so we’re planning on staying here until the mortgage is gone!

Last month, our oldest started Kindergarten and we began our journey of homeschooling without a dedicated school room.

Homeschooling in a small space has proven quite simple for our family.

Our learning area is our dining room. Our table is the most used piece of furniture in our home. It’s where we eat 3 meals a day, do school, create and write (I’m currently sitting at our table writing this!)

As soon as breakfast is over each morning, we clear the table, wipe it down if necessary, then pull out our learning materials for the day and jump right into learning.

We have a cabinet in our dining room that holds all of our school supplies and books as well as our art supplies, coloring books, library books, learning games and there’s even a shelf with toys for our toddler.

Homeschool Cabinet

While our dining room may have a bit of a classroom feel, I think it’s quite charming. I love having a map on the wall, our children’s art work displayed and books in our dining room.

Instead of viewing our limited space as a challenge, I’m embracing the simplicity of making our small space work.

The cabinet is our learning material storage space which makes me think carefully before making purchases and I ruthlessly declutter items that are no longer useful for our children.

I’m also thankful for our library, we check out our limit of books almost every week so our children are exposed to a variety of stories and information but we don’t have to deal with the clutter! Having a dedicated shelf for our library resources keeps them from getting lost and gives them a place to belong while they’re in our home.

After just one month of homeschooling, we’re loving the lifestyle of teaching and learning with our children. We also know that being content in our small home and homeschooling in a small space has given us more freedom.

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  1. We have space in our home for a dedicated school room, but we still plan to homeschool in our dining room!! It just seems to be a better place given that our main goals in homeschooling is to spend time as a family and to incorporate learning into our every day. If learning is something that is confined to one room of our house, siblings spend less time together, it's harder for household chores to also get completed, and it gives the impression that learning is something you do and then you return to life.

    Your little school area looks great!!

  2. Libraries are some of the best things ever!
    We had a man at our house last month repairing our plumbing and he asked if we homeschooled. I said yes, that we'd just started that week…how did he know? He said the map on the kitchen wall is a giveaway of a homeschool family. He and his wife had homeschooled their three children, so he knew the "symptoms" very well. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and ides for organization for homeschool.

  3. We also homeschool in our small home without a dedicated school room. In many ways, I feel like it emphasizes how much learning is a part of our daily lives, and not just something we do during school time.

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