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Welcome to our living room!

This gallery wall is one of my favorite things in our home! It’s full of memories and often is a conversation starter when we have guests in our home!

These chairs and the ottoman were purchased last August and we paid cash for them! The cowhide rug was our first purchase after closing on our home, we love it and love that’s it’s natural (we didn’t want a chemical laden synthetic rug!)

Our front door is beautiful and lets in quite a bit of natural light!

The sewing desk belonged to my great great grandmother and it’s been in our living room in all of our homes.

And here’s the most shocking part of our entire living room, the humongous TV! It came with the house, otherwise we’d still be using our computer monitor as a TV. The huge TV is quite contradictory to our simple little life but it’s not used too much, typically just on weekends.

We found the chest at a nearby antique store, John David modified the top drawer to hold our computer (which we use since we don’t have cable or a dvd player.)

The view from our hallway. You can see Paxton’s stool and the rocking chair John David gave me for Christmas 4 years ago. It’s my favorite place to rock my babies and it’s a chair that people are just drawn to, even with the large couch and chairs, this rocking chair is always sat in when we have company!

Our living room is fairly simple, there aren’t many decorative items around which make it clutter free and toddler proof. The best part, it’s easy to maintain and quite homey!

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  1. I love your home! I need to come look at your kitchen. I'm about to start doing some home tour-y blog posts sometime soon once I really get on a good cleaning schedule I can stick to.

  2. Your home is beautiful. How do you keep it looking so tidy with two little ones?! I just had my first son 3 weeks ago and am struggling to juggle household chores! I am a big fan of your blog and read it often!

    1. Trust me, it doesn't always look like this! I tidy-ed up before taking the pictures and while I was taking pictures, I was dodging Paxton and moving stuff he was dragging in there! The living room really contains no clutter. The only things other than furniture/wall decor are 4 pictures frames and pillows/blankets. Having so few items that belong in there help keep the space tidy. If you were to stop by any time of day, there would be things all over the living room, toys, socks, burp cloths, etc! But, those things are put up at the end of the day and it typically takes only about 5 minutes to get the living room tidy again. {And the floors are never clean…there are always crumbs everywhere and I've stopped fighting that battle. I try to sweep regularly but I don't let the floors bother me anymore!}

      You just had a baby, so give yourself time to enjoy him and don't worry about the house. Before Weston was born, John David and I established 4 basic things that had to be done: prepare meals, wash dishes, wash diapers & laundry. We let the other things go and honestly giving myself permission to just do those 4 things made things much better. It's hard adjusting when you add a new person into the mix. Weston is 2 months and we're still not in a routine, some days I just do the basics and have to let other things go. One thing I do most days is write out a list of 6 things to do and try to get those things done. Being focused on just 6 things helps me stay focused and then at the end of the day I can see what I've accomplished {and at this point it's not big stuff, typically things like wash diapers, laundry, write a blog post and some days dinner even makes the list!}

  3. P.S. I LOVE what you have done with the blog! I like the addition on the color and somehow it is even more user friendly (it was before but you just out-did yourself). 🙂

  4. In your blog, you promote living a frugal/simple lifestyle. I'm curious if there is anything you do spend money on/invest in (when budgeted appropriately) for your home that is simply a non-negotiable? For me, I have bad seasonal allergies, so I buy allergen-friendly furnace filters, higher thread count sheets that can be washed in hot water (so they don't fall apart) and an air filter for my room. (Obviously, to conserve energy, it's only ran for a certain amount of time!) However, I'm curious to see if there's anything you and John David have a "must have" in your home where frugality might not come into play? Mine is obviously for health reasons (higher quality bedding and allergen furnace filters are cheaper than medicines and doctor visits), but with little ones, I wasn't sure if maybe you didn't deviate from some things in your home.

    1. We do live and promote a frugal and simple lifestyle but there are definitely things that we pay more for! I mentioned the cowhide rug in this post, we paid around $200 for it which is not frugal but it's a natural fiber and something we love so to us it was worth every penny. We also have a cowhide rug in the boys' room. It would have been much cheaper to purchase a traditional rug at a box store but we didn't want a synthetic fiber/chemicals on our floors where our babies crawl! We do believe in taking care of our bodies so I think you're wise to purchase things that will help you with your allergies. Who cares if you saved a little money if you're miserable in your own home?! Low/no VOC paint is worth the extra money to us. We invested in a water filter system for our kitchen which was over $100 but to us money well spent since we have filtered water. We'll be needing a new mattress soon and will definitely invest in a high quality {probably organic} mattress.

      We do consider ourselves frugal but not cheap. We're willing to pay more for higher quality things because they last longer and many times are better for you {quality shoes, bedding, etc.}.

      Here's an old post I wrote about frugality and what it means to us: http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/09/29/defining-fr… It should give you a glimpse into our 'frugal philosophy'!

  5. I LOVE your floors!!! The wood is so beautiful and with such a lovely shine! Ha ha, I sound like a 1950's housewife, but I've always admired them in your photos. 🙂

    1. The floors are really pretty! But, they are SO hard to keep clean. The shine shows every little smudge and sticky handprint. I just try my best to keep them somewhat clean but don't worry too much about it. {And thankfully the camera was very forgiving because they were quite dirty the day I took these pictures!}

  6. I understand your concern about not wanting a synthetic fiber/chemicals rug where your babies crawl but you use pocket diapers which I almost feel is worse… I mean, the pocket diaper would be on your babies skin (most absorbent organ in the body) for hours and hours and hours vs the time they spend on a rug/carpet. Have you ever thought about switching to a more natural cloth diaper, like your econobum prefolds? After reading all the scary things about synthetic materials on my babies diaper area I have listed all my pockets and are purchasing prefolds. As an added bonus I will have extra money to save and more diapers in my stash! 🙂

    1. I've honestly never given much thought to the diaper fabric. I mainly was referring to chemicals in carpets, like formaldehyde, that scare me!! I do really like the stay dry feature of my pockets…we tried some sbish cloth with wool covers and they irritated Paxton and if he's in pre-folds he sometimes gets a rash due to the wetness.

      I'd love more information about the diaper fabrics though, can you send me links, either in this comment thread or e-mail to rachel@frugalandsimple.com.

  7. My daughter was the same way with wetness when she was little. Every time she peed she would cry! Who wants to be sitting in a diaper all cold and wet?! Now that she is older she does not seem to have much of a problem with it and for any future little ones I might add a fleece liner to help keep moisture away. Below is what I read about artificial materials and cloth diapers BUT keep in mind I still use PUL covers (Flip) and will add a fleece liner if needed (I did not care for the suedecloth in our BG pockets).

    Another thing I want to mention before you read the link is how someone (if you are like me!) can start to think WAY too much about stuff like this. I start to question fleece PJ's, plastic toys, ect… but I can not live in a world where all our clothes/blankets are 100% natural cotton, no dies, ect… or without electricity and plastic PVC plumbing 🙂 God is ultimately in control of our lives and I can only go so far before I start to put these *natural/green/safe* things above Him.

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