Glimpses into Our Life

Life last week was a typical week without much activity outside of the home, just the regular hustle and bustle within!

Every afternoon when John David arrived home, we were outside working/playing. We go outside during the day to play but it’s nearly impossible to do anything productive while wrangling 2 littles by myself!
Bundled Up

John David went outside to work early one morning before leaving for work and Paxton wanted to help. I layered him up (pajamas, clothes and coat/scarf/hat). He really thought it was something that he still had his pajamas on!
Little Helpers

All of the sudden it seems like Weston has left babyhood behind and has graduated fully into toddlerhood, (maybe this is because he was 14 months old on the 22nd)! This week he really started imitating his big brother including dragging chairs over to the sink and counter to ‘help’ me in the kitchen. It’s incredibly cute but also makes preparing meals in our small kitchen a bit of a challenge when chairs/stools are everywhere!

Playing with Rice

This past week I needed an activity to keep  both boys busy while I did some cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. I remembered how much the 3-year-olds in my former Sunday School classes loved playing with rice. I had rice, pans, cups and spoons so I set everything out and gave them about 2 cups of rice to play with. This simple, inexpensive activity kept them busy for 30 minutes! Yes, there was rice everywhere but most of it was in a central location so clean up was pretty simple. (And, even now, 5 days later, there are still grains of rice in various parts of the house but that’s just part of life with littles!)
Lap of Love

Thursday night, I nursed Weston to sleep and then just held him. Paxton had already read about 5 stories and it was an hour past bedtime so he climbed up beside Weston and me, laid his head down and was out. I just savored the moment of having a lap full of love!
Refinishing Chair

I started on a project this weekend. We have 4 chairs that are on our back deck that we’ve had a few years but need to be sanded and re-painted. (It’s one of those projects that have been on my mental to do list for nearly 4 years!) I finally took action! I scraped and sanded 2 of the chairs this weekend.
Working HardI had to share this photo I found on my phone, taken by Paxton! At this moment, Weston was sitting in my lap because he kept running off, trying to dig up my strawberry plants. Paxton actually helped me sand the chairs quite a bit.

So that’s a glimpse into life this week. (Minus the diaper changes, grogginess from waking at 2:30 with a teething baby, staying in my pajamas until 10, dirty floors and so on!)

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  1. This sounds like a fun week! I have been wanting to try rice play for some time now but never seem to remember it when I need an activity!

    Your "lap of love" is very sweet 🙂 Last night I laid on the couch while Amelia watched a Netflix before bed and she cuddled with me (rare!) and I tried to savor it! It was a very sweet moment for me after a long day!

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