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Have you purchased your Ultimate Homemaking Bundle yet?

It’s a really awesome deal, with $698 worth of eBooks for $29.97!

Last year, when I heard about the bundle sale, I knew it was a great deal but there were several eBooks I already owned or didn’t interest me.

Did you know you can gift those eBooks? Yes, as long as you delete them from your computer, you can gift the eBooks you already own or won’t read! You could print the eBook out or just email the recipient the file.

I gave several of the eBooks from last years bundle sale to my mother and mother-in-law as a clutter free Mothers Day gift and I gave my sister the ABCs for Godly Girls since I didn’t have a daughter then!

Here are some eBook gifting ideas:

1.Sewing School 101 ($11.99)

sewing school 101

Pair a copy of this book along with pins, needles, thread and scissors to someone who wants to learn how to sew.

2. Discipleship & Discipline : Practical Parenting Help for the Desperate Mom eCourse ($17.99)

discipleship and discipline

Gift this eCourse, along with a copy of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe to a new mama. Both of these resources are encouraging for mothers.

3. Homeschooling Books

If you’re not a homeschooler, don’t have kids or have grown children, the homeschooling books could be given to a homeschooling family. Homeschoolers love books and learning resources! The homeschooling books in the bundle are worth $64.95.

4. Pregnancy & Babies Books

If you’re past the pregnancy and baby season of life, these books would make a great gift for a mama to be – especially one who just announced her pregnancy. The pregnancy and baby books are valued at $38.91

5. Meal Planning Made Easy ($6.99)

meal planning made easy

For a bridal shower, a copy of Meal Planning Made Easy along with a kitchen item(s) from the registry would make a wonderful gift.

Even if you don’t want all of the books that are included in the bundle, I’m pretty certain the ones that do interest you are worth more than $29.97! Plus, you receive bonuses worth over $200!

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