While studying agriculture in college, I took a variety of agricultural courses, Plant Science, Animal Science and Soil Science were a few of the basics. I took Plant Science during my first semester and one of the labs involved a germination test. I remember thinking, this is something I will use in real life! We used paper towels to do our germination test in college but I put my own frugal twist to my germination test. (Mainly because I don’t have any paper towels and this is much prettier!)

After cracking eggs for baking and cooking, I washed them out. Then I placed the halves into an egg carton and added soil. Once the soil was added, I placed a couple seeds in each egg shell. I only used 2 of the larger seeds but 3-5 of the smaller seeds like peppers and tomatoes.

I put the carton in the kitchen windowsill and waited! I enjoyed peeping at the carton every time I washed dishes and finally after only 4 days, my peas started to sprout! I was so excited!

After a week the peas, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, onions and cantaloupe sprouted and they’re continuing to grow! Our tomatoes and peppers did not germinate which didn’t come as a huge surprise since those seeds are over 3 years old.

The main reason I did the germination test was to cut down on our garden costs. We had a bag full of seed in our freezer, some dating back as far as 2009 and we wanted to make sure that it would germinate before wasting our time planting it. We also didn’t want to throw out perfectly good seed and waste money.

Now that I’ve done the germination test, I know that most of our seeds are viable and we only need to purchase tomato and pepper seeds. This little test will save us some money and make gardening even more frugal!

Do you start your plants from seed?




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