Gender Neutral Newborn Wardrobe

Gender Neutral Newborn Wardrobe

Deciding not to find out the gender of this baby has definitely helped keep things minimal.

I kept a few newborn items that my second son wore and most of those items were neutral so I had a small foundation for this baby’s wardrobe.

Over the past few months, I’ve acquired a few more items and now have a small gender neutral newborn wardrobe.

I’ve been intentional about not acquiring too many things because newborn babies grow fast and all 3 of our children will be sharing a room so I’m keeping their wardrobes minimal so we don’t become overrun with clothing!

All of the items that I’ve purchased have come from a local resale store and we were given some white bodysuits.

All of these clothes are basic, cotton baby clothes. After having 2 babies, I know that I prefer comfortable cotton clothing that is easy to put on a newborn – making those frequent diaper changes easier for baby and mama.

Here’s a glimpse into baby’s wardrobe:

Neutral Newborn Clothes

  • 1 gown
  • 4 white bodysuits (2 aren’t pictured)
  • 2 long sleeve side snap shirts
  • 1 short sleeve side snap shirt
  • 5 pair of cotton pants
  • 2 one piece rompers
  • 1 cotton hat
  • 6 pair of socks
  • 3 pair of mittens

In addition to these clothes, I have a ‘little brother’ bodysuit that was my second son’s and 2 boy sleepers that a baby boy will wear. And, I have several bodysuits and a few one pieces that belonged to my sister’s girls so if baby is a girl,  those items with mix in with these.

And, I am pretty certain family and friends will be gifting us clothes for the new baby – especially if we’re welcoming a daughter.

In no way do I think this is the perfect number of clothes for a new baby. I do think it is a good foundational neutral wardrobe for a newborn.

If we aren’t given any extra clothes for baby, I know this wardrobe will be enough for baby. We’re already averaging a load of laundry a day for our family of 4. I know we’re going to be washing a load daily once baby arrives – there will be 5 people in our family plus burp cloths, swaddle blankets and sheets to wash.

The fact that we do wash clothes frequently allows us to have fewer clothes. If you wash less frequently, it may be a bit scary to have so few clothes and there is nothing wrong with having more clothes for your baby!

With 5 weeks left until my due date, I’m looking forward to meeting the tiny person who will wear these sweet little clothes!

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  1. Great post, and very helpful! We're having our first, and decided to wait and be surprised about the gender also, so we've only received gender neutral clothing, which is nice. I did buy 2 gender specific outfits (1 boy and 1 girl) from a thrift store to bring the baby home in and for pictures. Right now it's just my husband and I so I'm not sure how laundry will play out yet, so we have about 10 sleepers/rompers, and probably just as many onesies. I think we're good. Feeling prepared 🙂

  2. I love this post! We are done having children, but both my kiddos were projectile vommiters and had other feeding issues so we could very easily go thru 5 bibs/5 burp clothes/5 outfits PER feeding/after, and both of my newborns ate every 2 hours, all day and night. So, we had to have a plethora of outfits, even if we did do one load of laundry per day. Some days were better than others, but if we ever took a day trip, I would pack several changes of clothing for myself and my husband, and then I literally would pack AT LEAST 20 bibs/burpclothes/10 outfits. Sometimes we would hardly use anything we packed, and other times we used it all. I laugh now thinking about it, but it certainly was very "trying" then. I'm so glad it sounds like your babies don't have these issues! 😛 I am so excited to see pictures of the little one…Even if you can't post for awhile after the birth, I hope you will at least sneak a quick picture and name on the blog. Will be praying for a safe and uneventful delivery and just for plain "life" as I know it won't be easy with a newborn and 2 little ones!

    1. Great point – spitting up/vomiting definitely is a factor that requires more clothing. My two boys did not spit up too much, the most outfits we'd typically go through would be 3 a day (spit up and blow outs if using disposables!) I plan to share the news on the blog once baby arrives. And, thank you so much for the prayers – both for delivery and the adjustment to live with 3 little ones!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for the cute set of wardrobes for the newborn. They are really adorable. I like the one with the cute bird in it so much. I am sure it will look great on your baby. I wish you either make a new post or update this one with "tiny person" in them 🙂

  4. I'm not a big fan of those blue/pink clothes for kids. I've also bought some gender neutral items of wardrobe for my first son and used some of those items for my little daughter which is the second child.

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