Gardening Update

We started our garden in mid-March, taking a bit of a risk because there was a potential for frost. It didn’t frost and we have a thriving garden in late April!

We’re enjoying watching the garden grow each and every day and are really loving that the raised beds are low maintenance.

We currently have four 3×3 beds and one 3×6 bed in our garden area.

We have planted (in these beds):

  • Corn
  • Tomatoes (Cherry, Beefsteak and Romas)
  • Strawberries
  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Bell Pepper
  • Lettuce
  • Herbs

We’re almost ready to begin harvesting some of our lettuce and our corn is really growing (I’m looking forward to some sweet corn!)

Our larger raised bed was made out of reclaimed wood! There was a large pile of wood at the back of our property and my husband turned it into another raised bed. We have planted tomatoes, herbs and marigolds in this bed.

We turned an old sink (another back of the property find) into a mini garden for our 2-year-old. Ironically, the tomatoes in his garden look the best! 

In addition to these raised beds in the ‘garden area’, we also have a long square foot bed lining our front walk which contains tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, cucumbers, carrots, peas, lettuce and cilantro. Everything is growing really well in this bed and I really love how it look lining our walk!

Since squash and zucchini take up so much room, we planted ours along our fence and in a little bed on the side of our house. We already have 2 mini squash growing! I love squash and I’m so excited about eating our own squash (I’ve never raised squash or zucchini!)

We also have strawberries in the bed on the side of the house and our 3 plants from last year put on a lot of strawberries. Unfortunately, we only have been able to enjoy a few since the birds love them too. (We’re putting up netting next year so we can eat our strawberries!)

So far, I’m really enjoying the square foot gardening method in the raised beds. It really is so simple. We’ve had weeds but it has been manageable, I’ve spent just a few minutes every few days pulling weeds out of the beds (typically while holding a baby!) If you want to garden but don’t want to deal with the hassle of intense maintenance with tilling, weeding, hoeing and so on, raised beds are the way to go!

How’s your garden growing? Are you doing raised beds, container gardening or traditional gardening this year? 

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responses to “Gardening Update” 6

  1. Garden is growing sllooowwwww but growing. Actually all of our seedlings had their growth stunted and then little lives taken by the crazy heat that came so early in April. We had to purchase a few plants from the nursery about a mile away. This was a bummer since our budget didn't have much room but we have afforded one cherry tomato, one traditional tomato, a sweet pepper and a bell pepper. There are itty bitties of fruit on our plants and we are very excited and praying the heat has some compassion! Our four plants are in our raised bed, built using tin and wood.

    1. So sorry your seedlings died. Exciting your plants are starting to fruit though! And, it's felt like summer time here in Georgia the past two days, it could potentially be a very long and very hot summer…

      1. Yes we are so excited! Oh yie! I think it's gonna be nice and toasty in Louisiana too. Good thing I'll have a little baby to keep cool inside 🙂 Really enjoying your new blog. Congrats!

  2. I think it is awesome, Rachel! I don't think it's "ironic" at all that your son's garden is doing the best. The Lord is revealing himself to him!

  3. Our straw garden only has one row growign right now, because that's all we've planted – and those are the peas. They were doing great when we left for vacation last week, so we will see how they are doing when we get back in a few days. I hear it has been unseasonably warm at "home." When we get back, I look forward to getting some tomatoes, zukes, and planting the rest of the seeds (no more fear of frost in the midwest).

    Your garden is looking great, and I love the edible garden! Looks wonderful!

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