First Week of KonMari

First Week of KonMari

With the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in hand, we started KonMari-ing our home last week.

We’re following along with the method so we worked on clothes and books during this week. Even though we already live simply, I was surprised with how much we were able to let go!


This was my clothes and accessories pile, including my spring/summer clothes. This is not a shocking amount, I don’t own a lot of clothing but I picked up each item and asked if it sparked joy or not.

Decluttered Clothes

In the end, I was able to let this stack of clothes go. It’s not a huge pile but I really was surprised I was able to find this many items I really didn’t care for.

One of the things I let go was a purple pajama set. I purchased it to wear after Cecilia was born as a comfortable sleepwear/loungewear option. It is very comfortable but I never have loved it. I’ve been wearing it but feeling frumpy each time I wore it.  It felt great to let it go!

Folded Clothes

Here’s a glimpse into my casual, everyday clothes drawer. I love the way my shirts looked folded using the KonMari method of folding.

Spark Joy

During the middle of last week, I received a surprise package from my mother-in-law containing Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy. I was excited to receive this and have it accompany me through the rest of this journey. My favorite part of this book so far is the illustrated pictures showing how to fold various clothing items.

John David clothes

We spent last Friday working on my husband’s clothes. We were able to let this stack go.

I also went through all of our kids clothes. I went through all of the clothes in their drawers and closets as well as the clothes in their bins they have to grow in. I ended up with a decent pile of things that were outgrown, worn out, didn’t spark joy and we had too many of (I think Weston had about 20 t-shirts that should fit this spring in his bin…where does it come from!?) I’m handing down some of the items to friends with kids younger than mine and donating the rest.


This was the declutter pile hanging out in my room for a few days. I was glad to see it leave the house!

Declutter Stuff

And, here’s what we loaded up to drop off at Salvation Army last week. Not all of this was a result of this week’s KonMari-ing of our clothes and books. Most of it was clutter that I had boxed up that I was holding on to because I viewed it as ‘valuable’, thinking I might try to sell it or at least put it in a yard sale sometime.

Just looking at those boxes that were taking up space in my home was mentally draining. I decided the space they would free up in our home and in my mind was worth just donating them. And, I was right. It felt great to drop off this load and our home seems so much more open with all of this stuff out of our home.

All in all, week one was a success! I doubt the following weeks will see this large of an amount of stuff leaving but who knows.

If you KonMari-ed your home, did you think going through clothing and books was the easiest part? 

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  1. I’ve been anxiously awaiting your series!!!
    I read the KonMari book this summer and had half a garage full of items one I was finished. It felt so freeing to let so much go. But I wondered where it all came from!
    My mom and MIL and others are very generous each year, and the stuff accumulates at a rapid pace.
    We moved into our new (and bigger home) almost 3 years ago and I noticed I started shopping again and buying more stuff, as well.
    In the last 4 months I’ve begun de-cluttering again and really praying about being content with ALL our blessings and why I’ve been shopping and bringing more items into our home.
    It’s a process and one that is going well! I’m reading and figuring out what will work for our family.

    So, your series is perfect timing!

    Is Marie Kondo’s new book worth buying and reading?

  2. Starting this journey today. I always feel better and more at ease when I declutter. I need to stay out of the stores and be content with all that I am blessed with

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