February at Our Home

February 2014 was a month full of baby preparations, playing outside (both in snow and spring like weather!), a lot of reading and savoring time with our 2 little boys.


Weston is still struggling with napping on his own. We think he just needs the security of someone nearby to sleep. I’m still rocking him most afternoons (no clue what we’ll do when baby arrives but we’ll manage when the time comes!) On the weekends, John David often lies down with him – and sometimes I’ll find both of them snoozing away which warms my heart!
Preparing for Baby

Early in the month, I was feeling absolutely overwhelmed with what needed to be done to feel ready for baby’s arrival. I finally sat down and made out a list of projects for me, for John David and for us to do together. Getting it out of my head and onto paper immediately eliminated some stress. We posted the list on the fridge and all but 2 items have been completed!

We woke up to snow on February 11! It ended up snowing the next 2 nights so John David was home with us for those 3 snow days (remember, the south all but shuts down for snow!) The boys enjoyed playing in the snow with their daddy and I’m so glad they have been able to experience snow this winter.

Painted Dining Room

One of the projects on my ‘preparing for baby’ list was to paint the dining room and kitchen. The walls had been painted with flat paint which was very difficult to clean. My mother-in-law came down one weekend and painted for us. She and John David painted the kitchen and dining room walls and all of the trim in those two rooms! It looks great and will be so much easier to keep the walls clean. Kitchen Helper

Another before baby project is making some freezer friendly friends. I’ve made a few casseroles, muffins, beans, granola, soups and more to stock our freezers. Paxton helped me make some biscuits one afternoon. He really enjoyed helping me mix everything, roll out the dough and cut the biscuits out. And, of course he really enjoyed his sample once they were baked. My freezers are overflowing and I’ve had to stop freezer cooking even though I’d love to freeze more. (Something about expecting a baby makes me want to hoard food!) Mama and Weston

We took a few ‘maternity’ pictures – this is my favorite with Weston! I just wanted a few sweet pictures of me with my boys but out of all the pictures we took, only a few were decent. The reality of life with little ones – don’t set expectations!
34 Weeks

This is my favorite of me (and you can see Weston lingering in the background). I was 34 weeks 5 days pregnant here.

eBook Editing

Another big project for February has been finalizing an eBook about cloth diapers! I actually started on this eBook last January and worked on it off and on until this past summer. Then morning sickness hit and I abandoned the project. It’s exciting that the end is so near with this project. I’ll be sharing more soon!

We’re excited about March – unless baby is overdue he/she will arrive this month!

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  1. Rachel, thanks for the sneak peek into your life and for keeping it real…LOVE posts like this about the every day things and the pictures were all wonderful…you look AWESOME and the boys are always so cute. 😛

    1. The everyday things really are what life is about! Thank you – I'm still feeling pretty good but definitely slowing down and getting more excited about baby as these March days pass.

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