Establishing a morning routine is something I’ve been wanting to do for months. After budgeting my time last week, I drafted a simple morning routine for myself.

6:45 – Wake, Prayer

7:00 – Writing and/or Work

8:00 – Boys Up, Breakfast

9:00 – Exercise, Get Dressed

This routine is simple but it is going to take some discipline in getting up earlier. (My boys are wonderful sleepers so I tend to sleep until they wake me up!)

I have to confess, I wrote out this morning routine last weekend but have failed miserably in trying to establish the routine. It boils down to me getting to bed too late at night and sleeping in as late as my boys will allow me in the morning.

It’s time to break some bad habits so next week is going to be the week to begin establish a morning routine. I think sticking with a simple morning routine will definitely begin the day on a positive note for me and the whole family.

Check out Covenant Homemaking to read about Mary Jo’s morning routine.

Week 4 Project: Establishing a Daily Routine

Create a routine for your days. If you’re not an incredibly structured person, don’t try to implement a complicated routine next week, just keep it simple and begin establishing little routines. I’m going to focus more next week on successfully establishing my morning routine because I know a smooth morning will help me get a daily routine going!

Do you have a morning routine? Any tips for establishing one? 



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