Enjoying Each Season of Motherhood

Enjoying Each Season of Motherhood

“My baby is growing up.”

These words weren’t uttered for the first time when he started crawling or on his first birthday. Instead, they were said on the way home from the hospital. He was just one day old!

I spent the first few months of his life sad.

I was sad he was growing, sad he wasn’t a newborn and sad he wasn’t going to stay a baby forever.

Once I realized mourning the past was keeping me from enjoying the present, I began fervently praying about the issue.

I prayed that God would allow me to be content with the season of life I was in, that He would take away the overwhelming sadness that my baby was growing too fast and that I would have joy throughout the years as my children grew.

My heart began to change.

I enjoyed my son in each and every stage instead of looking back on those early days with such longing.

I realized how blessed I am. How selfish it was of me to not want him to grow.

I thought about mamas who have never seen their child because of a miscarriage and mamas who held their stillborn baby only once. They would give anything to watch their babies grow.

I thought about the mamas who have a child diagnosed with cancer who just pray they can see their child grow up to graduate high school or get married.

I also thought of the women dealing with the grief of infertility, praying and hoping they’ll one day be blessed with a child they can watch grow.

How can I mourn my child growing when it is such a blessing that he is growing? Why should I allow the natural and beautiful process of a child growing to bring me sadness?

God really didn’t give us our children, he’s lending them to us for awhile as they grow. We are to raise them and train them to become independent men and women.

When my second and third babies were born, I cherished the moments, knowing the newborn days pass quickly. Those days passed but they were without sadness.

I am enjoying my children just as they are each and every day. 

We cannot slow time down but we can slow down.

We can decide to live in the moment, choose to be joyful about our children growing and enjoy each season of motherhood.

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  1. Yes! I love how you shifted your perspective by choosing to focus on the beauty in the present instead of longing for the past. What an amazing gift to watch and participate in the growth of our little ones!

  2. I love this. This is an issue that I definitely struggle with. Thank you for helping to put it in perspective.

  3. Reading this made me cry, but they were happy tears! I know exactly what you mean. My little girl is 2 months old and every moment with her is just so precious. I find myself wishing that I could slow time down and make these happy days last forever. One thing that helps is to just remind myself that she isn’t going anywhere! Children always need their mamas, even as adults, just in different ways. After all, I’m all grown up and I still need my mama! And the memories we make along the way will always be there too. What a blessing from God!

    1. You're so right, she isn't going anywhere, just changing! While babies are sweet, it really is such a joy watching your children grow and getting to know them and learning about their personalities.

  4. I went through the same thought process journey! I began mourning her growing and had to reset my mind to enjoying her growth. She’s now five months old and I couldn’t be happier! I’m not thrilled to rush her growth, just thrilled to see her growth. She’s a precious gift from my Father and I can’t wait to see Him work in her life.

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