Classic picture of my boys. {I have about 2 decent shots of them.}

Is your life full of messes? 

If you have children at home, whether they’re 1 or 21, I’m pretty sure you do! And if you have pets, you do. Or maybe you’re just a bit of a messy person (which is just fine if that’s your personality!)

I’m a first born, perfectionist, organized neat freak and I do not like messes. But, imperfections and messes are unavoidable when you’re living with children!

I’d love for my home be neat all day, every day.

I don’t want it to be perfect, just neat. (I’ve embraced the fact that my floors are always going to be dirty, the laundry is never ending and pictures on the wall will be crooked!) I feel so much calmer and relaxed when my house is neat )like it was when I took the pictures of my living room and kitchen to share!)

The reality is, it’s only neat from the hours of 9 pm until 8 am. During the day there are toys, dishes, books, blankets, crumbs and more scattered everywhere. Beds get unmade, pillows are moved around and walls are written on.

The past few weeks I’ve been learning to let go of the desire for my home to be neat all day. I’ve been embracing the beautiful messes of this season of my lifeand it’s making me happier!

Instead of looking at the pile of blankets and toys in the middle of the living room floor and being frustrated that things aren’t in their proper place, I’m looking for the beauty in the mess.

Those blankets, they’re all handmade. Weston contentedly laid on his belly on them while I fixed lunch. Paxton played with them – wonderful things can be imagined and created with blankets. The 3 of us read books on them.

The drumstick and guitar, they’re favorite toys. Paxton loves playing with them. We create with them. We have family concerts with them.

It’s just a matter of thinking about the positive things and the beauty instead of just seeing a ‘mess’.

This week, instead of being frustrated by the little messes, look for the beauty in them! The books all over the house mean I’m instilling a love for reading in my son. The overflowing laundry hamper reminds me how blessed I am to have little clothes to wash! Even a sink full of dirty dishes is beautiful – you were blessed with food to eat.

Is your life full of messes?




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