Getting rid of clutter is the first step of having a tidy home. And for me, living clutter free is necessary to stay sane! My home is not always super clean (there are always crumbs on the floor, I almost never mop, I hate cleaning the bathtub and cleaning windows is quite involved so it rarely is done!) but I like to have a tidy home.

This past week I did a little more decluttering. I went through each room and pulled out things we no longer need. (And, honestly it took less than 5 minutes in each room because I do a ‘declutter sweep’ of our home at least once a month so the clutter never takes over!)

The bulk of the items are outgrown baby things. Some clothes, personalized ‘Paxton’ bibs and burp cloths, a few toys and the infant seat (we’re still trying to figure out if we’re passing this on or keeping it for a possible #3 but if we do keep it, we’ll be storing it in the garage so it will not be taking up room in the house!)

I also went through my closet and pulled out some skirt hangers that weren’t being used. And of course there was trash and recycling scattered about which is not pictured.

Another big declutter project was knocked out this Friday. John David and I spent a few hours in our garage and did a lot of decluttering and some organizing in there. We recycled a lot of cardboard boxes that had been in there since our move, trashed broken tools and such, and gathered metal that needs to be recycled. The garage looks fabulous!

I’ve definitely found that a ‘declutter sweep’ monthly or bimonthly keeps our home clutter free. I typically spend 5-10 minutes in each room tidying up and finding clutter that needs to leave our home. Once you do a big purge of your home, a  ‘declutter sweep’ helps keep the clutter at bay!

Week 11 Project: Cleaning Routine

This week we’re working on establishing a cleaning routine. I had a simple cleaning routine in place before Weston was born that I’m going to work on re-establishing this week!

Visit Mary Jo at Covenant Homemaking to see the results of her decluttering!

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  1. I was just decluttering yesterday afternoon. I went through my fall / winter clothing and got rid of about one third. No need for shirts with stains, 5 plaid flannels, etc… It can be cleansing.


  2. The only issue I have with this is there have been so many times when I wanted or even rebought after getting rid of it. It obviously usually happens a year or longer after the fact, but still. I still declutter but I think much more about what I toss.

  3. First I have to say I love this blog! I love everything you post but this one got me thinking about how cost effective it is to give away/ sell items you may rebuy like the car seat. Do you find your self rebuying items down the road and when you do rebuy items you took out of the house do you feel you are still saving?

    1. I think it depends on the item. Some larger things aren't worth holding on to (in my opinion) if we're keeping them 'just in case.' If we do decide to give away/sell this car seat, we'll probably just put baby 3 in a convertible seat from the beginning and skip the infant seat.

      As I've been simplifying my home and possessions, I've not really had anything that I have had to rebuy. Most of the stuff that has left my home has been items that were serving no purpose.

  4. I like to decorate mine house in just rush essays my own way. You said right culture free house leads to the tidy house because you have your own thoughts and ideas to decorate the house. A tidy house is much better than decorated house.

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