Decluttering baby clothes can be tough. Baby clothes can be sentimental so they’re hard to pass on or sell but keeping everything can quickly result in excess clutter around the home.

As my first son outgrew clothes, I sold or passed on about half of his clothing. We weren’t guaranteed to have another boy and if we did, we didn’t know if the boys would be born in the same season or not. As it turned out, we were blessed with another little boy, he was a winter baby instead of a spring baby but he’s been able to wear almost all of big brother’s hand-me-downs so far.

With baby number two, I’ve been a bit more ruthless as he outgrows clothes. We know we want more children but we’re hoping to wait a couple of years and once again, there are no guarantees that our third child would be a boy.

What is the point in hanging on to a ton of baby clothes for a couple of years just in case a baby might wear them? (Especially considering we have minimal wardrobes already, I do laundry frequently and I can purchase cotton bodysuits and pants in like new condition for $1 each at our local resale store and one piece outfits/sleepers for $3?)

As my second son, Weston, is outgrowing clothing, I’m only keeping baby basics or outfits I love.

Here is my process with newborn clothes as an example:

All of the newborn clothes I kept

From Weston’s newborn wardrobe, I’ve kept:

  • 3 pair of cotton pants
  • 1 long sleeve white body suit
  • 1 ‘little brother’ short sleeve body suit (that he wore home from the hospital)
  • 1 romper
  • 1 gown
  • 1 footed sleeper

This isn’t a complete newborn wardrobe but I’d only need 2-3 more bodysuits, 1-2 more one piece outfits and 2-3 sleepers or gowns. At $1 each for bodysuits and $3 for one pieces and sleepers at the resale store, I’d spend less than $20 on clothing. (Since I sell clothing there frequently, I always have store credit so it’s not like I’d be paying cash.) And, this is not factoring in that friends pass on their baby clothes and family love giving baby clothes as gifts.

It’s worth spending $20 in a few years on a few (new to us) pieces of clothing instead of storing a ton of baby clothes that may or may not be worn!

Gender neutral newborn clothes

Out of the newborn clothing I did keep, over half of it is gender neutral, in my opinion. I’d put a little girl in brown and grey cotton pants, a white one piece outfit, a white gown and white bodysuit.

Decluttered newborn clothes

Over half of Weston’s newborn wardrobe was decluttered. Out of these items, I sold a few pieces to the resale store (received store credit) and passed on a few items to friends with baby boys.

We live in a small home that we like to keep clutter free so it just makes sense to me that we only keep favorite outfits and a few basics. 

What’s your view on decluttering baby clothes? Do you keep it all or pare down?


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