Decluttering and Cleaning the Kitchen

A cluttered and dirty kitchen is not an organized kitchen. The first step towards streamlining in the kitchen is getting rid of clutter and cleaning.

This week’s project was to declutter and clean.

My kitchen is quite small so there’s not much room for clutter to collect but I did get rid of a few items including disposable casserole dishes (that I’ve had for 3 years) and decorative casserole dishes that I used maybe once a year. There were other odds and ends that I pulled out of the cabinets and ended up with a large box full of stuff to donate!

Once I decluttered, it was time to move on to cleaning! I try to keep my kitchen clean by washing dishes at lunch time and right after supper but some days, I’m unable to wash dishes after dinner or after lunch and my kitchen quickly looks like a disaster zone. I started by washing the dishes and then clearing the counters of all appliances that aren’t frequently used (like the slow cooker, water pitcher and blender base).

After washing all of the dishes, putting appliances away, and cleaning the sink and counters, the kitchen looked wonderful!

Of course, the kitchen rarely looks this pristine but the biggest ‘mess’ is just the dishes that need to be washed and that’s just part of daily life since we have to eat!

Week 7 Project: Put something in the freezer each week day.

Freezer cooking can help save time when it comes to preparing meals or snacks. Of course, it’s not easy to devote a few hours for freezer cooking. Putting something in the freezer each day will be much simpler than devoting hours to a cooking day. Taking a few minutes  each day to double a recipe, freeze fruit for smoothies or brown meat will save time.

Do you have any favorite freezer friendly recipes to share? 

Go visit Mary Jo at Covenant Homemaking to see her organized kitchen and find some resources for freezer cooking.

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  1. I need to do this! The top of our refrigerator is a cluttered mess right now! The cabinets are also disorganized which means we are now shoving stuff in where it fits etc. I am confident we also have a pile of things that could be donated/tossed just taking up space in the kitchen right now! It is amazing how things pile up and multiply!

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