December at Our Home

Merry Christmas
What a fun, busy and full month December was for our family! We had a wonderful Christmas season and were able to spend time with lots of family!Sister and Brothers
We started the month off with our Christmas photo shoot. We snapped at least a hundred pictures trying to get one where all 3 kids were looking at the camera with no one crying or making crazy faces. There were lots of cute and funny shots!
Silly Brothers
One of my favorites of the boys — these boys smile so big sometimes it’s hilarious!December Days
This is what most of our December days looked like while we were home — Christmas tree glowing, kids playing with the nativity and other toys in the living room. Christmas Parade
The boys at our local Christmas parade. Christmas Tree
Our sweet little tree, fully decorated by our boys with a blanket as a tree skirt! We really keep things simple around here. Just Us
Paxton took this photo for us before John David’s work Christmas party. 
Excited Boys
My aunt and uncle sent the kids a Christmas package. The boys were so excited to open the package when it arrived – to their disappointment the package contained wrapped gifts! Of course they wanted to open them right then but they were Christmas gifts so I told them they had to wait! I remember my childhood excitement when the package my aunt and uncle sent us arrived each Christmas — it was fun to watch the boys experience the same excitement!


9 Months

Cecilia was 9 months old on the 20th.

Here are some milestones from 8 to 9 months:

  • Feeding herself – it’s beyond precious to watch!
  • Using a sippy cup!
  • Wearing bumGenius diapers on the largest setting.
  • Cruising
  • Wearing 9-12 month clothes
  • Getting into everything. We’re having to keep the bathroom doors closed again and she loves getting into the dishwasher when it’s opened.
  • Loves bath time. Anytime we run a bath, she beelines for the bathroom!
  • Loves chewing on her socks.
  • Prefers her brothers toys to her baby toys.

We left home on the 20th and started our big Christmas trip. We had Christmas with John David’s mom’s family on the 20th and then went on to his parents house. We celebrated Christmas with John David’s dad’s family on the 21st.

Happy Birthday Weston
Our Weston turned 3 years old on the 22nd! We had a fun day celebrating him. His Mimi made his hunting birthday cake – a cookie cake with deer on it which was exactly what he wanted! We went to Chick-fil-A for his birthday breakfast, ate cake and opened presents.

Birthday Book
We keep gifts simple yet meaningful. We gave Weston a copy of Farm Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life – a book full of pictures about farm life – perfect for our little farmer. We’ll all enjoy reading this book for years to come.

Weston's birthday
We headed to visit with my parents, sister and nieces who were visiting my grandparents in Virginia. We celebrated Weston’s birthday with them after dinner with another cookie cake and a few more presents! Such a fun day — it’s hard to remember that I was disappointed about having a Christmas baby, I now love his December birthday! He hasn’t celebrated a birthday yet without extended family.

Christmas with cousins

We celebrated Christmas with my family on the 23rd. We exchanged presents, enjoyed time together and took pictures of the cousins – my mom made the girls coordinating dresses!

Then we headed back to John David’s parents to spend Christmas Day with them. Little Farmer
While we were there, Weston enjoyed a little bit of farming. He helped his daddy and papaw work on a trailer! Such a hard little worker.

Christmas DayOur Christmas day began with a yummy breakfast with John David’s family and his mamaw. Then we exchanged presents, played and enjoyed a relaxing evening. We ended the day with a drive to look at Christmas lights and watching Annabelles Wish!

Boreing Kids
Mama Daughter

We headed back home on the 26th and celebrated our family Christmas on the 27th.

Our FamilyMerry Christmas and best wishes for 2015 from the Boreing family! We’re looking forward to what the New Year holds for our family!

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  1. Thanks for the update! I watch your blog all the time it seems like if we were close (I'm in WA) we could be good friends. Glad you are all doing well.

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