When I think of clutter, I don’t think of the bathroom being a spot for clutter to collect but every once in awhile I’ll remember to go through the cabinets and drawers and get rid of things we no longer need.

Day 9 Project : Declutter and organize bathroom cabinets and drawers. 

I went through all of the cabinets and drawers and was able to get rid of a handful of things. There really wasn’t much because we keep our bathroom routines super simple. We use one bottle of shampoo until it’s out and then we’ll replace it, we’re not big on stocking up on things and keeping half full lotions or shampoos. Once I pulled out the things we no longer needed, I organized the drawers.

Is your bathroom a spot that tends to collect clutter (like those half used lotion bottles and 20 bottles of fingernail polish) or is it generally a clutter free zone?



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