Day 8 :: Tidying the Master Bedroom

So far in the master, we’ve removed everything that doesn’t belong and have purged our wardrobes. Today we’re doing some cleaning.

Day 8 Project : Tidying up the master by cleaning off surfaces, making the bed and sweeping the floor.

Today’s project is fairly simple and hopefully at the end your room will look more put together.

The first step is to make your bed! Either simply make it or go ahead and wash all of your bedding. (There is nothing like freshly washed sheets!) I try to make up my bed every day because a made bed makes the room seem much tidier. There may be toys, books and crumbs all over the floor since two little people live in my home but at least the bed is made!

After your bed is made, clean off the top of your dresser, nightstands and any other surfaces in the room, get rid of anything that is cluttering that space and dust. Then vacuum or sweep (and if you’re feeling super thorough, dust the ceiling fan and wash windows…I didn’t get carried away with all of that though!)

Now you can enjoy your simplified master, hopefully it’s a more relaxing space for you than it was when we began working in there a few days ago!

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  1. I love how clutter-free your master is!

    I didn't do as well with this one since we are in an apartment with no storage. Our room IS storage since we lack it in our cozy apartment. We've made great headway in the year we've been here though. The bins we have slowly take up less and less space. We are down to 7 bins with holiday decorations, hunting gear and spare blankets etc. I think we will have it just right about the time we are ready to move out of here – which will be great since we will hopefully only be moving things we desire to keep!

    1. I love your attitude about your stuff taking up less and less space! And, you definitely can't compare our spaces, while my room is clutter free, we do have some storage space in our home and a detached garage that holds things like Christmas decorations and canning supplies.

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