We’re taking a break from simplifying in the master today and are going to work on a meal plan. Sundays are the beginning of the week and a great time to start implementing changes, such as getting into the habit of meal planning.

Day 7 Project : Create a meal plan.

Meal planning saves time, money and prevents stress.

I’ve had times where I meal planned faithfully (in fact, before children I loved meal planning each week) and there have been times when I’ve gone months without meal planning, which led to a lot of stress about what my family was eating. I definitely prefer the organization and simplicity that comes with a meal plan.

A few months ago, I finally sat down and created a two week meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu for week one and week two are different but we repeat the same plan every two weeks.  It sounds boring but the reality is we were eating the same or simliar foods every week or two anyway. This plan has kept meal and food preparation super simple, I just follow the plan which makes meal times a little less stressful (preparing the foods with little ones underfoot and feeding the little ones is still stressful but at least I’m not stressed about what I am preparing!)

If you’re in the routine of meal planning, today’s project should be simple for you.

If you’ve not been meal planning, sit down and draft a meal plan. It could be as simple as writing out a list of 10 of your family’s favorite meals, creating a detailed plan for a week or drafting your own two week meal plan to repeat (so you don’t have to make time to meal plan weekly!)

If you have any meal planning tips or resources, please share!



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