Day 6 :: Purging the Master Closet

Yesterday we removed everything that didn’t belong in the master. Today we’re purging, a perfect Saturday afternoon task!

Day 6 Project : Purge and organize clothing in your closet and dresser(s).

I’m sure you’ve heard that we tend to wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. I know it was true for me and over the past few years, I’ve simplified my wardrobe more and more to where I pretty much wear all of my clothing on a regular basis – because I don’t have much!

My method for cleaning out the closet is a bit messy and requires some time. I pull every stitch of clothing out of the closet and then start by putting back the items that I love (you know the things you wear 80% of the time!) Once my favorites are back in the closet, I go through the rest, removing the items I know I haven’t worn in a long time and then try on the remainder of the clothes and evaluate whether it needs to stay or go.

When I went through our closet the last time, I was amazed at what all we let go of. Our small closet seemed pretty clutter free before I started but there were still over 50 items that we weren’t wearing or that were ill fitting.

My wardrobe is quite minimal but believe it or not, I never lament “I have nothing to wear” because everything in my closet is something I feel good in and love to wear!

Please don’t compare your closet to mine. My wardrobe is simple because I like it that way. There is nothing wrong with having 20 shirts and 10 pair of jeans, if you love them all.  Remember though, purging your wardrobe of the items you rarely wear and things that don’t fit is a step in the right direction to simplifying the task of choosing what to wear each day.


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  1. OK that is the single most brilliant idea ever! Pull out everything and work backwards with the favourites. Now I will be able to minimise whereas before I was trying to choose what to throw out and had trouble doing so.

    I think i might just apply this thought process to more areas such as the kitchen draw, Linen cupboard etc. Sheer genius!

  2. I’m moving through this list and it’s wonderful! I’ve been sharing with my friends. The kitchen took forever but now moving right along. I like that you encourage but not pressure in your explanation. I’m really enjoying this!

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