Yesterday we removed everything that didn’t belong in the master. Today we’re purging, a perfect Saturday afternoon task!

Day 6 Project : Purge and organize clothing in your closet and dresser(s).

I’m sure you’ve heard that we tend to wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. I know it was true for me and over the past few years, I’ve simplified my wardrobe more and more to where I pretty much wear all of my clothing on a regular basis – because I don’t have much!

My method for cleaning out the closet is a bit messy and requires some time. I pull every stitch of clothing out of the closet and then start by putting back the items that I love (you know the things you wear 80% of the time!)¬†Once my favorites are back in the closet, I go through the rest, removing the items I know I haven’t worn in a long time and then try on the remainder of the clothes and evaluate whether it needs to stay or go.

When I went through our closet the last time, I was amazed at what all we let go of. Our small closet seemed pretty clutter free before I started but there were still over 50 items that we weren’t wearing or that were ill fitting.

My wardrobe is quite minimal but believe it or not, I never lament “I have nothing to wear” because everything in my closet is something I feel good in and love to wear!

Please don’t compare your closet to mine. My wardrobe is simple because I like it that way. There is nothing wrong with having 20 shirts and 10 pair of jeans, if you love them all. ¬†Remember though, purging your wardrobe of the items you rarely wear and things that don’t fit is a step in the right direction to simplifying the task of choosing what to wear each day.




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