Day 5 :: Simplifying in the Master Bedroom

Today we’re moving into the master bedroom! This too often is the most neglected room in my home and is often a catch-all instead of a relaxing space.

Day 5 Project : Remove everything that doesn’t belong in the master.

This seems like a simple task but I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the array of things that have found their way into your room!

After going through our room, I had to laugh at the things that were moved out! I removed towels (from folding laundry in there but not putting it away), a cookbook, toys and some recycling.

Once you have removed things that do not belong in the room, it makes it easier to begin cleaning, organizing and even decorating your master, making it into a relaxing (instead of stressful) space!

I’d love to know what kind of random things you removed from your master! (I think the fact that I was reading my cookbook in bed and left it on the nightstand is a bit strange…)

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  1. Oh Dear. Our room has about 9 years worth of catch-all items! I think this is an excellent project to deal with for a few minutes a day in my home. Maybe by Christmas I'll have a Master Bedroom instead of extra storage!(And it's not strange to read cookbooks in bed!)

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