Day 4 :: Clearing off the Kitchen Counters

Today is our final kitchen project! I hope you’re already beginning to enjoy your simplified kitchen.

Day 4 Project : Clear off your kitchen counters.

When your kitchen counters are cluttered with dirty dishes and you have several appliances out, the kitchen just seems dirty.

Since I have a small kitchen, the dishes from one meal make my kitchen appear cluttered. All too often there are dishes piled up which is the bulk of the mess. (I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in this problem!)

Spend time loading the dish washer or hand washing dishes. I’m sure you’ll find that once the dishes are clean and put away, your kitchen looks so much better!

When your counter is cleared of dirty dishes, you then see what’s out on your counters like coffee makers, mixers, recipe books and so on. Since my kitchen is small and counter space is a premium, I store my recipe books in a cabinet and infrequently used appliances like our wheat grinder and blender are tucked away too.

You can see what a difference washing and putting away the dishes makes! The kitchen looks perfect (bask in this moment but remember it’s not the ultimate goal, you’ll soon be back in your kitchen messing up more dishes!)

Since there is so little counter space in my kitchen, the only appliance out on the counter is my mixer and I also have a utensil crock. I don’t think this is the perfect number or that it’s wrong to have more than one appliance out, just evaluate your needs and only leave out the most used ones.

Remember daily maintenance is key in this area! I try to load the dishwasher as we use dishes instead of letting them pile up in the sink and hand wash the items that need hand washing when the sink is half full. I love ending each day without any dirty dishes in the sink and on the counters but I also give myself grace on those nights when it’s just not possible due to fussy little ones or my husband working late.

And, I should add, part of my motivation for keeping the counters clean is that my kitchen sink is visible from my front door. I sometimes feel like I should say ‘welcome to my kitchen,’ when I open the front door!

Now that we’ve cleaned out the fridge, pantry and freezer, decluttered and organized cabinets, washed dishes and cleaned off counters, is your kitchen feeling clean and more together?

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  1. My kitchen is 100 times better now!!!! I made space EVERYWHERE! On this final day I was able to move the rarely used flour/sugar containers into a low cabinet that I had de-cluttered amongst other things – it made that corner of the countertop feel so much bigger! I have four bags in the trunk for donation!!!

    Loving this series so far – thank you!

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