Day 31 :: Enjoy Living an Intentionally Simple Life

31 days ago, we set out on a journey towards living intentionally simple.

Each day we completed a small project in an effort to declutter, organize and simplify our homes and lives. By taking small steps each day, we should be seeing big changes.

Around here, my home just feels a little different. It’s clean, clutter free and I feel a little more organized.  Thanks to having a more organized home, I have more time for fun with the boys building blocks, reading books and just playing.

For me, living intentionally simple is all about a life that is a little bit slower, with less stuff and less stress.

I hope after your 31 days of small tasks, you’re living slower with less stuff and stress.

Day 1 : 31 Days to Living Intentionally Simple

Day 2 : Simplifying in the Kitchen 

Day 3 : Decluttering in the Kitchen

Day 4 : Clearing off the Kitchen Counters

Day 5 : Simplifying in the Master Bedroom

Day 6 : Purging the Master Closet

Day 7 : Menu Planning

Day 8 : Tidying the Master Bedroom

Day 9 : Decluttering in the Bathroom

Day 10 : Cleaning the Bathroom

Day 11 : Tackling a Closet

Day 12 : Cleaning the Car

Day 13 : Donating Your Clutter

Day 14 : A Day of Rest

Day 15 : Decluttering in the Living Room

Day 16 : Cleaning the Living Room

Day 17 : Cleaning Out Your Purse

Day 18 : Decluttering Children’s Spaces

Day 19 : Organizing Children’s Spaces

Day 20 : Cleaning in Children’s Spaces

Day 21 : A Day of Rest

Day 22 : Organizing the Guest Room, Office or a Closet

Day 23 : Let’s Talk Laundry

Day 24 : Staying on Top of the Laundry

Day 25 : Declutter Sweep

Day 26 : Cleaning Routine

Day 27 : Donate Decluttered Stuff

Day 28 : Making Menu Planning a Habit

Day 29 : Knock Out Something You’ve Been Putting Off

Day 30 : Commit to Keeping it Simple

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  1. I just found my way here from Miss Minimalist. I love your 31-day series! I will definitely be sharing it. I've run across so many people who want to live simpler lives but don't know where to start.

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