Day 30 :: Commit to Keeping it Simple

This month we’ve been taking small steps each day towards living intentionally simple.

By following along with each of the daily projects, you have now decluttered, organized and simplified your home and life!

Of course, it’s pretty easy to follow a guide and simplify. The harder part is committing to keeping your life simple.

Day 30 Project : Commit to Keeping it Simple

If you want to live a simplified life, you have to be committed to keeping things simple.

Evaluate purchases, asking yourself ‘do I really need this?’ and ‘where will I put this?’ before bringing something new into your home. The less you consume and bring into you home, the less cluttered your home will be.

Even with careful evaluation of the things that enter your home, clutter will begin to collect so keep the clutter at bay by having declutter sweeps.

Regular menu planning will make meal times simpler and following a cleaning routine will help keep your home tidy.

Being mindful of the need to slow down and rest is also important. Stop packing your schedule full of activities that keep you on the go and cherish time spent at home just relaxing.

Committing to living intentionally simple results in a life that is a little bit slower, with less stuff and less stress.

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  1. True. Without the commitment you will slowly add more things, more 'busy' activities, and just be right back where you started.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

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