Day 3 :: Decluttering in the Kitchen

Yesterday we cleaned out the fridge, freezer and pantry and now those spaces are clean and organized! Today we’re continuing our work in the kitchen.

Day 3 Project : Declutter and organize cabinets and drawers.

Go through each of your cabinets, removing things that you never use. The last time I decluttered in the kitchen, I removed casserole dishes that were never used, old birthday candles and other miscellaneous items that had somehow survived 2 moves in the past 2 years!

I find it most productive to take one cabinet at a time, remove the clutter and organize it before moving on to the next cabinet.

Having clutter free and organized cabinets helps to keep things simple in the kitchen since everything has a place! Plus, it’s nice to open cabinets and not have things falling out.

I hope you feel like your efforts in the kitchen these past two days are starting to pay off!

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  1. Last night after the fridge I started this one! I organized the cabinet with tupperware and tea! I purchased three little plastic baskets to put the loose tea bags in (we have accumulated quite the selection) and I had an extra for Campbell's soup labels to turn in to the school – score! Some of the other cabinets are a bit scarier…we will see what I find tonight!

  2. You inspire me SO much! Now to have time to act upon the inspiration 😉 (We are currently coming down the home stretch of getting our addition ready to move into, so any time that can be is used working out there.) I really want to switch over, or mostly over, to pyrex instead of plastic for leftovers, etc. and I love your collection. 🙂 Thanks for the posts, it all looks really nice. Maybe in a few more weeks I can have time to start a fall cleaning & decluttering.

    1. How exciting that your addition is almost ready to move into! The Pyrex was 'collected' via wedding gifts and Christmas/birthday gifts for a few years, working towards being plastic free!

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