The past 29 days have been spent simplifying our homes and lives. We’ve decluttered throughout our homes, implemented meal planning, created a cleaning schedule and more.

With less clutter and more organization in areas like cleaning, you should begin freeing up some time for enjoying your home and life just a little more.

Today we’re going to be getting rid of a little mental clutter by knocking out something on your to do list.

Day 29 Project : Knock Out Something You’ve Been Putting Off

I may have a clutter free home and be organized in several areas of home management but I am far from having it all together. I keep a project to do list that just seems to grow (and cause stress)I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in this area…

We’re going to say goodbye to mental clutter by knocking out a task you’ve been putting off.

It may be a big project like painting the front door or something as small as sewing a button on a shirt, but do something that’s been on your to do list.

The project I knocked out was tackling the ironing pile. I rarely iron but some things need to be ironed. This pile has been growing over the past month or so and every time I look at it I think, “I need to iron,” but haven’t! I decided to do it and within 15 minutes, the ironing was done.

A pile of ironed clothes, ready to be put away! (Aren’t button up shirts for baby boys are adorable?)

I was amazed that it only took 15 minutes to knock out this little ironing project. I’m positive I’ve spent more than 15 minutes over the past month thinking about ironing than it actually took me to iron.

What project are you planning on knocking out today? 



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