Day 28 :: Making Menu Planning a Habit

We all have to eat, there’s no way around that. Food, however, can become a source of stress in a household. When I’m not in the habit of meal planning, every meal time becomes stressful!

For me, meal planning goes hand in hand with living intentionally simple. By having a meal plan and following it, I’m being intentional about making my meals and meal prep less stressful.

Day 28 Project : Commit to making menu planning a habit.

In the past, I did my meal planning on Sunday. It’s the day the sale ads come out so I would use that in planning my meals for the coming week.

Now that I have a 2 week meal plan in place, I simply reference that when making out my grocery list. I no longer have to sit down every week to come up with a new meal plan.

I may not be coming up with a meal plan weekly but I am committed to following the meal plan that I have.

Benefits to meal planning:

  • No stress related to deciding what to eat. I no longer ask ‘what’s for dinner?’ every single day!
  • Saving money. We’re not tempted to eat out when we have a plan in place.
  • Makes hospitality easier. Having a list of meals that we have ingredients for makes it easy to feed last minute guests!
Is menu planning a habit for you? Do you want to get in the habit of menu planning? 

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  1. Menu planning has always been a mainstay of our home management. From shopping and blocking out basic meals to stocking up on sales on basics and staples, from the day I married, I had a plan! Flexible at times but still a plan that was followed out to ensure stretching a dollar and keeping a very big man (husband) and then, sons and friends and of course, family and guests covered. I learned at my grandmother's knee and one of their cooks taught us all a lot too!

  2. I should try a set menu meal rotation. Right now my main goal is to have either (beef) liver or fish 1x each week, and try to rotate the weeks. 🙂 It has been a cuh-razy summer and I have been doing a LOT of "uh… you mean we have to EAT today?!" thinking at 4:30/5pm. 🙂

    1. When I'm not sticking to a meal plan, I often will say, 'I wish we didn't have to eat!' Have any yummy beef liver recipes? I have one in my freezer from our 1/2 cow that I've yet to do anything with! 🙂

  3. I LOVE menu planning. It's tough right now for me to do because we're going between two houses! I think I need to try the rotation-thing though, because it's true that we do end up eating the same thing every 2 weeks. Maybe I'll designate 1 night a week "new recipe night" and just add that into the plan! YUM

  4. I will definitely make a menu with my veggie items though. but yeah how it was described the menu and our daily habit and taking the different meal on different days which will be helpful to feel our mind with the new taste.

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