We all have to eat, there’s no way around that. Food, however, can become a source of stress in a household. When I’m not in the habit of meal planning, every meal time becomes stressful!

For me, meal planning goes hand in hand with living intentionally simple. By having a meal plan and following it, I’m being intentional about making my meals and meal prep less stressful.

Day 28 Project : Commit to making menu planning a habit.

In the past, I did my meal planning on Sunday. It’s the day the sale ads come out so I would use that in planning my meals for the coming week.

Now that I have a 2 week meal plan in place, I simply reference that when making out my grocery list. I no longer have to sit down every week to come up with a new meal plan.

I may not be coming up with a meal plan weekly but I am committed to following the meal plan that I have.

Benefits to meal planning:

  • No stress related to deciding what to eat. I no longer ask ‘what’s for dinner?’ every single day!
  • Saving money. We’re not tempted to eat out when we have a plan in place.
  • Makes hospitality easier. Having a list of meals that we have ingredients for makes it easy to feed last minute guests!
Is menu planning a habit for you? Do you want to get in the habit of menu planning? 



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