Day 27 :: Donate Decluttered Stuff

We donated our clutter two weeks ago but we’ve gone through more rooms and have done a declutter sweep since then so it’s time to donate more!

Day 27 Project : Donate the stuff you’ve decluttered.

Today’s project is simple, just donate the things you’ve decluttered over the past 2 weeks or take action on selling things you think may be valuable.

When it comes to decluttering, it’s important to get the stuff out of your home so you won’t be tempted to bring it back in! And, it’s always a great feeling to drop off a car load of stuff at your local thrift store!

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  1. We recently moved (3rd time in 4 years) and there is a bit less storage space than we are used to. We took unpacking as an opportunity to really go through everything. (We've been putting it off for years) Got rid of clothes that are too small or out of fashion or excessively worn, all manner of household gadgets we don't use, books we don't read and all sorts of stuff. Probably 3-4 smallish SUV sized loads of stuff are getting donated and the same amount went into the trash.

    Our house is so much more orderly and less cluttered. It was a hassle but worth it.

  2. It's so important to get rid of the clutter you just got out of your home. I'm trying to make an effort to de-clutter each week and to make a trip each week to get the stuff out of our home. I'm trying trying trying to become a minimalist (in our own way) but it seems so daunting. This series has been so helpful to me!
    Question: Christmas is coming and we don't give our girls a lot, nor do we want their grandparents to. Have you said anything to your parents about limiting what they give the boys at Christmas? Or have you in the past?

    1. We don't have any 'rules' for gift giving at Christmas. We have created wish lists for each boys with things they need as well as toys, books, games we think they will enjoy and have shared the lists with family. We also have requested a membership to the local Children's Museum again this year. I struggle with the Christmas season, we always are given so much stuff for the boys which is overwhelming but at the same time we are grateful that we have family who love us and want to give gifts to our children. It's a hard balance…

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