Day 23 :: Let’s Talk Laundry

Laundry is one of those chores that people either seem to love or hate. I fall on the love side so it’s not really a chore to me but I have many friends who struggle with laundry so I wanted to address laundry management.

Day 23 Project : Evaluate your current laundry system.

Today’s project is simple, think about the current laundry system you have in place and what works or doesn’t work about it. It may be that your system works for you and you don’t struggle. If that’s the case, maybe you can glean some advice from my system but I’d suggest to just keep doing what you’re doing!

I approach laundry very simply.

1. Whites

2. Colors

3. Delicates

4. Cloth Diapers

Everything I wash fits into one of these 4 categories. Cloth diapers are washed every other day while the other loads are washed whenever I have a basket full.

My colors are anything that is not white! I do not separate jeans, towels, light colors and dark colors, I just wash everything as a color load. (I will however wash new jeans/bright colored shirts with darker items just in case they bleed.) 

In our family, 2 days worth of clothes typically equals a laundry basket full of colors so I’m washing colors every 2 to 3 days. It takes a bit longer for white and delicate loads but I do those loads when there is enough to justify washing.

Since we do have small wardrobes, that serves as a motivation to not let laundry pile up. With a newly potty trained child in the house, there are days when he is down to 1 or 2 pair of underwear even though I washed the day before and we have 12 pair but we’ve never ran out. Another factor is that our laundry hampers are not large. If I go 3 or 4 days without washing a load, all 3 of the hampers are unable to close!

This simple system works for me.

And, even with extra laundry due to cloth diapering, I never feel overwhelmed by laundry!

Do you have a simple laundry system already or do you struggle? 

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with laundry. Some days I'm okay with it while others I struggle with getting a complete load finished (wash, dry and put away).
    Here's what my laundry schedule is:
    Monday: master bedroom sheets and towels and bath mats (2 total loads)
    Tuesday: our clothes, separated into delicate and regular (2 total loads)
    Wednesday: girls clothes (1 total load)
    Thursday: girls sheets and towels (1 total load)
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday: wash if needed (usually 1 total load between these days)

    I've figured out this works for me and I don't feel overwhelmed by it. I've tried saving up and doing 1 laundry day but I wanted to throw all the clothes out the window. It was so overwhelming!
    I've tried separating whites like you do but we have too few whites that we'd run out before I had a chance to wash. And I like running a large load and nothing less.
    Great tips!

    1. It definitely sounds like you've got a great schedule going on! And, there are definitely days when I struggle with completing the entire load, mainly just putting it away.

  2. Why do some whites, colors, and delicates call for cold water and some for warm? I would love not to have worry about cold or warm, which one can I default to without risking premature wear/shrinkage/whatever else happens when you wash clothes in the wrong temp.

    1. Honestly, I just wash everything on cold except diapers. Occasionally I'll wash whites on warm. I've not had any issues with shrinking nor have I noticed premature wearing.

    1. "The wonder of the ordinary," that's beautifully said! I so love the ordinary things in life and through simplifying my life, I am slowing down and savoring those moments like washing chubby baby hands after lunch, tying my toddler's shoes and washing dishes by hand.

  3. I also love to do laundry but on the same hand I don't love doing it with community washers and dryers! We have 2 washers/2 dryers for 14 families – can you say nightmare? I tried doing a load a day but that got too stressful. Now I do three loads on the days I do do laundry. There are no set days – just when I can get in there!

    The washers run 30 minutes and the dryers 60 minutes. I use one washer (to save the other for someone else) and do a load. I transfer it to the dryer and start another wash. In thirty more minutes I put in the final load and occupy both dryers with the first two loads. When load one is dry, I put load three in the dryer, get load two out in thirty more minutes and the final load thirty minutes after that.

    Three really is the magical number for me when it comes to laundry days. It's enough to make an impact but any more than that it becomes stressful. Like you, we separate very little. Whites and Jason's work clothes get their own loads but everything else is co-mingled!

    I am dreaming of the day I have my very own washer and dryer!!!!!

    1. I didn't love laundry either when I had to use community laundry for the first 2 years of marriage! I promise you though, you will appreciate your own washer and dryer so much, it will feel like a luxury! {Maybe that's why I love doing laundry so much now…it's so much easier!} 🙂

  4. I stopped dividing colors YEARS ago and it's made things much simpler. I've never had a color bleeding problem ever, surprisingly. I live in a Manhattan high rise where I'm charged $1.50 per machine so I mainly started bunching everything together to save money. It can easily cost me over $5 to do the weekly laundry, not including detergent. Though I feel very fortunate to live in what I think is the best city in the world, I would LOVE to have my own private laundry room! I think I actually would start to like doing laundry if I had my OWN machines! (lol, maybe not)

  5. I do small loads…Even if that means daily. Usually every other day though. It’s less overwhming. We are a family of five and we have a pool. Towels during the summer are daily!

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