Day 22 :: Organizing the Guest Room/Office/Closet

Today we’re going to be doing a little more decluttering and organizing. This is another open ended project, you can choose to work in your guest room, your office, another closet or any other space you need to do some more work in.

Day 22 Project : Decluttering and organizing in the guest room/office/closet.

I chose to work in the closet that is in our guest room/office.

This closet is supposed to be for John David’s tech gear as well as a place where our guests can hang their clothes but lately it’s become a catch-all closet.


The top shelf was full of tech stuff and the bottom contained camera cases with the boys’ outgrown clothes, baby things and things we’re getting rid of stashed in between!

I pulled almost everything out and started over in this space.


I removed everything that wasn’t supposed to belong in this space (outgrown clothes, things to donate and consign, etc.) and my husband and I went through all the tech and electronic stuff. We were able to get rid of a box full of stuff we no longer needed, organize most of the gear into a storage tote and organize the top shelf.

And, as you can see, there is plenty of space for guests to actually be able to hang their clothes (and open the closet door without risking everything falling out!)

I have to admit, this space intimidated me for months. I kept putting off organizing this space because it was so cluttered but it took less than an hour to get it organized and the work was so worth it!

What space did you declutter and organize? 

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  1. a house should be a haven, not just another loud chaotic place. It's a constant battle to keep the clutter down — constant — but it's amazing how large purges can go so quickly and can yield such dramatic results.

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