Day 20 :: Cleaning in Children’s Spaces

We’re still in children’s spaces (or offices, guest rooms, craft rooms, etc.) but today is the last day in here! I know children’s spaces easily attract clutter and many mama’s have a couple of children so breaking it up over 3 days seemed more manageable.

Day 20 Project : Clean in the children’s room/playroom.

The room is clutter free and organized but now it’s time to clean. Grab a broom or vacuum, a mop and your arsenal of cleaning supplies and get to work.

This really was a simple little project for me. I wiped down the ceiling fan (it was quite icky) and swept the floors. I thought about mopping but the boys wouldn’t stay out of the room!

I snapped the picture of the clean room right before the boys came in:

Paxton stepped in the shot…a bit of foreshadowing of the things to come!

And not 2 minutes after snapping the picture of the ‘completely clean’ room, this is what the room looked like! (So, please don’t think their room, or any room in my house, is always tidy and clutter free)

Do you have any tips to keep your children’s spaces clean?

My tip – I discourage snacking in the bedroom!

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