Day 19 :: Organizing Children’s Spaces

Yesterday we decluttered in children’s rooms/playrooms (or guest rooms/offices/craft rooms if you don’t have kids.) Today we’re working on organizing in these spaces.

Day 19 Project : Organize in your kids’ room/playroom.

Now that all (or most) of the clutter has been removed from the space(s), it’s time to work on getting things organized.

My boys’ room is organized (walking in there on any given day you may not believe it but everything does have a place, it’s just rarely in its place!) I didn’t really have to spend much time organizing, but I did go back through dresser drawers, the diapers on the changing table, toys and the closet and did some organizational tweaking.

In the process of organizing, I found a few more things that we’re no longer using and that the boys have outgrown.

The biggest organizing project I undertook was rearranging some things in the boys’ closet so Paxton would have a spot to play. He’s been getting in the closet and moving shoes and blankets. Now he no longer has to move anything, he can just start playing.

I’ve found that having a place for everything helps keeps me sane. At the end of every day, we take about 5 minutes and are able to fully clean the room, putting everything back where it belongs and making the room neat (which I think is important for little boys to fall asleep!)

When you’re organizing, do you find that you end up decluttering in the process too? 

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  1. Just in time for the weekend! I NEED to do this – badly!

    I know in the past you have mentioned selling at Once Upon a Child and that they prefer you bring things in in a laundry basket or clear tub. This may be a silly question but do you get the basket/tub returned to you? I've always wondered. We haven't sold there yet but I am thinking this time around we might and that was one question I had.

    And yes, I declutter a TON when organizing. When you are organizing and some things just don't fit in perhaps it means it is their time to go I've decided!

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