Day 18 :: Decluttering Children’s Spaces

Time for more decluttering.

Today we’re going to be tackling the kid(s) room(s) (and if you don’t have kids, you can work in your guest room/office/craft room/closet/garage).

Day 18 Project : Declutter in your kids’ room/playroom.

I’m have been amazed at how much clutter little ones seem to attract. Most of the excess in our home over the past 2.5 years has been the boys’ stuff. We have been blessed with family and friends who give our children gifts, clothing and hand me downs but it can quickly become quite overwhelming.

Thoroughly go through the dresser, closet, toys, changing table, etc. today and get rid of the clutter in the room!

During this round of decluttering, I got rid of a stack of clothing as well as a few toys.

I declutter in the boys’ room quite frequently (about every two months) to keep from getting to that overwhelmed point.

I know decluttering kids spaces can be overwhelming and many of you have multiple children and multiple bedrooms as well as playrooms, tomorrow we’ll be continuing with the decluttering as well as organizing in the kids’ room.

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