Day 17 :: Cleaning Out Your Purse

How cluttered is your purse?

I try to keep my bag simple and clutter free but since my bag is a purse/diaper bag combination, it quickly gets out of control with receipts, papers, toys, snacks and so on.

Day 17 Project : Remove trash and clutter from your purse.


The approach I take to simplifying my bag is to empty the entire bag and only add back what is necessary. The rest can be trashed or put back where it belongs!

I pulled out several papers and a bottle cap to recycle/trash, receipts that need to be filed, a changing pad/spoon that needs to be washed and mail.


After taking out several items, I had to add a few things back in like diapers, wipes and a wet bag!

Having a simplified bag makes me feel a little bit more organized and it makes getting out the door easier because I know the essentials are in there!

What about your purse/bag, is it constantly cluttered or do you keep it simple?

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  1. I attempt to keep my purse simple but when we are go-go-go and rushed it gets out of hand – quickly. I got it all in order (again) and as always, my goal is to keep it in order as long as possible! My purse is strictly a purse (we have a diaper bag we use) so I was actually a bit surprised that I pulled out two pairs of kid socks from my purse amongst other things!

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