Yesterday we removed things from the living room and today we’re continuing our work in there with a deep clean.

Day 16 Project : Clean in the living room.

We’re deep cleaning today. That makes today’s project far from fun but necessary.

I started by moving the couch out from the wall so I could sweep against the wall and under the couch as well as clean the baseboards back there. I removed the rug and then I swept the entire living room pulling out the furniture so I could thoroughly sweep underneath.

The results of all of my sweeping, a large dusty pile of ickyness! This pile was quite impressive but the crazy thing is my daily/every other day sweeping results in a pile about half the size of this. (Where does it come from?)

Once I swept, I dusted and then mopped and cleaned the baseboards. Then I vacuumed the rug and brought it back into the space once the floors had dried.

The results, a super clean living room!

My living room looked wonderful after the deep cleaning. I took a picture to remember the moment, soon it will have toys and crumbs all over the floors! Of course, I’m thankful for the living that goes on in our home, messiness and all. I prefer imperfect and full of life to perfect and boring. 



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