Day 15 :: Decluttering in the Living Room

Today we’re focusing on the living room.

My living room is typically the room that is kept the neatest since it’s the room guests first enter when they come to our home. It’s also where we spend a lot of our time as a family so it’s also easy for things to quickly collect in there.

Day 15 Project : Remove things that don’t belong and declutter in the living room. 

The simplest way to start on today’s project is to grab your laundry basket or a box and load it up with stuff that doesn’t belong in the living room. This is a quick and easy way for your living room to instantly look cleaner. (I also frequently do this at the end of the day to remove all of the toys and other things the boys have brought in the living room throughout the day.)

I filled my basket with toys, diapers, pillows, play dishes, a jacket and more!

Once all the stuff that doesn’t belong was out of the room, I started to declutter. Our living room only has a small dresser for games and DVDs and a blanket chest so there is not much storage space for a bunch of clutter to collect.

The blanket chest was not full of blankets though, it held some craft supplies which needed to be gone through.

I ended up pulling out a bunch of craft supplies out to trash and donate.

Once I decluttered the chest, I moved the remaining craft supplies into the hall craft closet, making the chest a true blanket chest!

Now the living room is clutter free and ready for more work in there tomorrow.

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