Day 13 :: Donating Your Clutter

After almost 2 weeks of simplifying the kitchen, master bedroom, bathrooms and closets, hopefully you have a pile of stuff that is leaving your home!

Day 13 Project : Donate the stuff you’ve decluttered.

Today’s project is more fun than work. It’s fun and quite freeing to donate stuff and rid your home of a load of stuff.

The simplest thing is to load all the stuff up into your car and drive to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or other thrift store and drop off the load.

I donate stuff quite a bit but before you do that you may want to try to sell ‘valuable clutter.’ Newer clothes, an extra set of dishes, etc. can possibly be sold on Craigslist or consigned. Of course, this takes effort so only choose this option if you have time and won’t pull the stuff back into your home! (That would make all of your hard work worthless!)

If you don’t have time to sell or consign things but don’t want to just drop off all your nice stuff at a thrift store, think about friends and family who may have a need for your things. I prefer giving the boys’ outgrown clothes away to someone who needs them and will use them rather than dropping them off at the thrift store. A simple Facebook post or e-mail to friends could have some things spoken for.

No matter what you are planning on doing with the clutter, take action today. Go donate things, post items you want to sell on Craigslist or contact friends you think could use the items.

What do you typically do with your clutter? Do you do the easy thing and just donate it all or do you try to sell it or give things to friends? 

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  1. My wife volunteers at a charity thrift store. Your donated items are appreciated more than you know. First by the charity receding them, then by the customers buying them at less than new costs. Good for everyone involved.

    Dan Garner

  2. One of my new year resolutions was to donate 100 items to charity (I did succeed). I recently donated some old furniture to a charity who give items to poor families who have no furniture. In the UK you can gift aid your charity shop (thrift store) donations and as part of this the shop emails you to let you know how much your items sold for. It's really rewarding to see how much my old junk fetched.

  3. I end up donating more than I sell. It is just so much easier and sometimes that makes all the difference! I currently have three boxes in our room of "valuable clutter" to try and sell but it is proving to be more work than I think it is worth… With work it has turned out to be harder to meet people to makes sales than I anticipated. I work early morning hours so I am leaving "town" in the middle of a workday for people and I, so far, have been unwilling to drive the thirty minutes into "town" to sell something for a few dollars! I am sticking with it though and hopefully I can get some more of it sold before I take the easy route and donate it!

    1. I think donating/giving to friends is so much easier than selling. I used to try to sell a lot on Craigslist but now I don't even bother unless it's a big item that I can get $20 or more for.

  4. In my country it is a tradition of last October Sunday to collecting clothes and unneeded things to church organisation, which providing this things among people in need. This action is very popular among people.

  5. My wife and I always look to see what we could donate to charity before we toss anything out. I think it's good for all families to be more aware of this. It's really helps those who need it the most.

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