Day 12 :: Cleaning the Car

We’re shifting gears a bit today and are going to move outside our homes!

Day 12 Project : Clean out your car.

When you think of clearing out the clutter, you probably don’t think about your car but cars can collect clutter just like our homes can.

Growing up, my parents rule was to get everything out of the car when we got home. We never left cups, toys or shoes in the car. By following this rule, cars were never cluttered with a bunch of stuff.

I try to follow this rule loosely. I do my best to get things into the house after trips to town or church but sometimes it just doesn’t happen and things get left for awhile, mostly little toys and books or extra clothes for the boys.

Today we’re going to clean out our cars.

Remove the trash, remove clutter and put things like excess books and diapers back where they belong in the house!

I removed a little bit of trash, a couple of books and few diapers and toys from my car. (Again, I try to follow the rule of removing things from the car after each trip so there wasn’t much in the car but removing what didn’t belong did make a difference.)

One thing that helps keep the car organized is having a basket where I store extra diapers, clothes, blankets and toys. This keeps all of the things in one place instead of having things stashed here and there, leaving the car looking cluttered.

If you’re still feeling energetic after clearing the clutter out of your car, vacuum! 

Does your car tend to collect clutter or do you try to keep it cleaned out?


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